Rui Wang   王蕊


I moved to Department of Mathematics, UC-Berkeley as a lecturer.

Dept. of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley

970 Evans Hall #3840

Berkeley, CA 94720-3840 USA

Office: 1091 Evans Hall

Email: ruiwang AT berkeley DOT edu

Research Interests: symplectic geometry and contact geometry, with a special emphasis on various related moduli space theories and their applications to defining invariants and studying the topology of symplectic and contact manifolds.

CV (2017)


Publication List (2017)

On Hamiltonian Gromov-Witten theory:

  • The asymptotic behavior of finite energy symplectic vortices with admissible metrics. [with Bohui Chen and Bai-Ling Wang] 2017. Submitted. pdf
  • L2-Moduli spaces of symplectic vortices on Riemann surfaces with cylindrical ends. [with Bohui Chen and Bai-Ling Wang] 2015. Submitted. pdf
  • On orbifold Lie groupoids and orbifold Gromov-Witten theory:

  • The Groupoid structure of groupoid morphisms. [with Bohui Chen and Cheng-Yong Du] 2017. Submitted. pdf
  • Orbifold Gromov-Witten theory of weighted blowups. [with Bohui Chen and Cheng-Yong Du] 2017. Submitted. pdf
  • Symplectic neighborhood theorem for symplectic orbifold groupoids. [with Bohui Chen and Cheng-Yong Du] 2016. Accepted by ACTA Mathematica Sinica, Chinese series. pdf
  • On pseudo-holomoprhic curves in contact manifolds:

  • Analysis of contact Cauchy-Riemann maps II: Canonical neighbourhoods and exponential convergence for the Morse-Bott case [with Yong-Geun Oh] Nagoya Mathematical Journal (2017): 1-96. pdf, journal version
  • Analysis of contact Cauchy-Riemann maps I: a priori $C^k$ estimates and asymptotic convergence [with Yong-Geun Oh] Accepted by Osaka Journal of Mathematics (2017). pdf
  • Canonical connection on contact manifolds [with Yong-Geun Oh] Real and Complex Submanifolds. Springer Japan, 2014. 43-63. journal version
  • Undergraduate research on ODEs:

  • Quasi-periodic solutions for reversible oscillators at resonance [with Bin Liu] 2006 preprint. pdf
  • Teaching

    Teaching Statement (2017)

  • Math 3A, linear algebra.
  • Math 2D, multivariable calculus 1. Lecture Notes
  • Math 2E, multivariable calculus 2.
  • Math 120A, group theory. Lecture Notes
  • Math 120B, ring and field theory. Lecture Notes
  • Math 118, theory of ordinary differential equations. Lecture Notes
  • Math 199, undergraduate research.
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