An Unofficial UCI Math LaTeX Page

     Here you will find two pages of quick introduction for making documents using LaTeX. The tutorial is written specific to the math account given to the graduate students from the department of mathematics at UCI. The tutorial was supposed to be very short as the title reads, but I was overwhelmed as I was writing. If you google "latex tutorial", then you will have more than 232,000 hits (as of September of 2008), then why write another? I certainly learned quite a lot about LaTeX from many tutorials but didn't know how to go about creating tex files and making them into PDF files for printing. Now I know, so I just want to cast away some of burdens for fellow graduate students who are novices to these matters.

     I. LaTeX Tutorial for UCI Math grads (A Short Intro to Making Documents using LaTeX): Page 1 / Page 2.

     II. Useful references (in PDF file formats) for LaTeX

     III. Useful links for LaTeX

     IV. Useful links for Editors / SSH / FTP

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