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Vlad Matei

Visting Assistant Professor

I am currently a Postdoc. I received my Ph.D in May 2017 from the University of Wisconsin Madison. My advisor was the esteemed professor Jordan Ellenberg. Most of my research is centered around arithmetic statistics over function fields. I employ methods from algebraic geometry, topology, representation theory and combinatorics. Broadly I am interested in arithmetic geometry and algebraic number theory.

Here is a copy of my cv


1. Higher moments of arithmetic functions in Short Intervals (submitted), joint with Daniel Hast link

2. A geometric perspective on Landau's theorem over function fields(submitted), link

3. Counting low-degree covers of the projective line over finite fields, joint with Daniel Hast and Joseph Gunther draft

4. Constants in Titchmarsh divisor problems for elliptic curves (submitted), joint with Renee Bell, Clifford Blakestad, Alina Carmen Cojocaru, Alexander Cowan, Nathan Jones, Geoffrey Smith, Isabel Vogt link


University of Bucharest


I've obtained the degree of Bachelor in Mathematics.

University of Cambridge

2011 - 2012

I've obtained the degree of Master in Advanced Mathematics.

University of Wisconsin-Madison

2012 - 2017

I've obtained the degree of doctor in Mathematics.


University of Winsconsin-Madison

I was a graduate Teaching Assistant for Math221-Single Variable Calculus, Math211 and Math 213-Math211- Business Calculus, Math234- Functions of Severable Variables

University of California-Irvine

I am teaching two sections of Math 2A in the Fall quarter.


    Vlad Matei


     Office 540N Rowland Hall