Voting, Social Choice, and Decision Theory (which includes Arrow's Theorem, etc.)


Lingfang (Ivy) Li and Donald G. Saari.  Sen's Theorem: Geometric Proof and New Interpretations.

Donald G. Saari.  The Profile Structure for Luce's Choice Axiom.

Donald G. Saari.  Geometry of Chaotic and Stable Discussions.

Donald G. Saari and Anne Petron.  Negative Externalities and Sen's Liberalism Theorem.

Donald G. Saari.  The Generic Existence of a Core for q-rules.

Donald G. Saari.  Explaining All Three-Alternative Voting Outcomes.

Donald G. Saari and Vincent Merlin.  A Geometric Examination of Kemeny's Rule.

Donald G. Saari and Fabrice Valognes.  The Geometry of Black's Single Peakedness and Related Conditions.

Jason Kronewetter and Donald G. Saari.  From Decision Problems to Dethroned Dictators.

Donald G. Saari. Condorcet Domains; A Geometric Perspective