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Nathan Kaplan photo Isaac Goldbring
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
isaac at math.uci.edu
Model theory with a focus on continuous model theory and nonstandard analysis. Applications of model theory to various areas of mathematics, including operator algebras and combinatorial number theory.
Nam Trang photo Nam Trang
Visiting Assistant Professor of Mathematics
ntrang at math.uci.edu
Logic, Set Theory: fine structure, large cardinals, inner model theory, descriptive set theory, forcing axioms.
Martin Zeman photo Martin Zeman
Professor of Mathematics
mzeman at math.uci.edu
Set theory: inner model theory, forcing, large cardinals and infinitary combinatorics.

Related Faculty

Matthew Foreman photo Matthew Foreman
Professor of Mathematics
mforeman at math.uci.edu
Ergodic Theory, Descriptive and Combinatorial Set Theory.

Affiliated Faculty

Penelope Maddy photo Penelope Maddy
Distinguished Professor of LPS
pjmaddy at uci.edu
Philosophy of mathematics and logic.
Sean Walsh photo Sean Walsh
Associate Professor of LPS
walsh108 at uci.edu
Computability theory, descriptive set theory, philosophy of mathematics and logic.

Graduate students

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