The Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (UVa)

The primary, long-term goal of our research is to develop numerical tools/code capable of both predicting and simulating on-going experiments examining microstructure evolution of nanostructures in semiconductor thin films and the self-organization of nanostructures on semiconductor surfaces during deposition. Of particular interest is the development of numerical procedures that provide insight into the physical mechanisms that control the formation of isolated single, and interacting arrays of quantum dots and quantum fortress structures in three dimensions. These features form from morphological instabilities that develop during vapor deposition of a lattice mismatched species onto a fixed substrate. The organized structures can be influenced by surface and bulk diffusion, by the elastic interaction of the film and substrate, by compositional strains, and by surface chemistry.

Tissue engineering

James Dunn (Dept. Biomed. Eng., UCLA)

Ben Wu (Dept. Biomed. Eng., UCLA)

Angiogenesis and Tumor Growth

Vittorio Cristini (Dept Math UCI, School of Health Information Sciences, U Texas, Houston

Luisa Iruela-Arispe (Dept. Molecular, Cell & Developmental Biology, UCLA)

Mark Chaplain (Dept. Math, Dundee, Scotland)

A.R.A. Anderson (Dept. Math, Dundee, Scotland)

S.R. McDougall (Inst. Petroleum Eng., Heriot-Watt, Scotland)