The UCI Math Circle Team

Leadership Team

Alessandra Pantano [UCIMC Director] is the Director of the UCI Math Circle for High School and Middle School Students. She received her Ph.D. in mathematics from Princeton University in 2004, and is currently a Lecturer PSOE at the UCI department of Mathematics. [website]

Li-Sheng Tseng [Community Outreach Coordinator] is an associate professor in mathematics at UC Irvine and does research in geometry/topology and physics. [website]

John (Nick) Treuer [UCIMC Coordinator] is a sixth year math Ph.D. student at UCI studying complex analysis of several variables. In his spare time he enjoys taking care of his cat and going on hikes.

Yasmeen Baki [UCIMC Coordinator] is a second year graduate student at UCI. Yasmeen is interested in knot theory and probability with respect to its applications in financial and actuarial science. Yasmeen enjoys reading, journaling, and spending time with her cats.

Nishant Rangamani [AMC/AIME Competitions Coordinator] is a sixth year graduate student working in Mathematical Physics. In his free time, he enjoys playing tennis and cooking.

Andrei Mandelshtam [Webmaster, PR for ToT/Formulo/BAMO, Head of local jury for ToT O-level] is a senior at University High School. He is interested in algebraic number theory and all kinds of real analysis. He attended UCI Math Circle as a student for six years, and is very happy to have been a part of the team since 2018. Outside of math, Andrei enjoys singing, learning languages, and rock climbing.

Matthew Powell [Proof-based competitions (Tournament of the Towns A-Level/BAMO/Formulo) Coordinator] is a third year graduate student interested in Mathematical Physics.

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Deborah Tonne is a graduate student at UCI.

Brian Devine is a 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Aerospace Engineering here at UCI. He has always been interested in Physics, Mathematics, and aircraft engineering. Brian enjoys reading novels, working out, and doing digital art in his free time.

Zhengran Ji is a second-year undergraduate at UCI, majored both in math and data science. He is interested in machine learning and artificial intelligent and wish to study this in graduate school. In his spare time, he looks reading, writing, and playing basketball.

Luke Smith is a Lecturer of Mathematics, who earned his PhD at UC Irvine in 2015. He has taught at UC Irvine since 2016 and teaches courses at Coastline Community College. Luke has done research in Number Theory and Algebra, but also enjoys probability, combinatorics, and any field of math with fun puzzles. To him, math is most fun when he can show students these fun puzzles for the first time. His main hobby involves drawing fractals, space transformations, and other generative art.

Noah Ngan is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of California, Irvine, studying Mechanical Engineering. He is interested in working with aircraft and has a passion to use math to make the world a more sustainable place.

John Palacios is a first year graduate student, having undergraduate research in geometric probability, computational cognitive science, and mathematical cryptography. He's interested in the intersection of mathematics, physics, and computer science. Outside of mathematics, he likes books by Dr. Sagan, William Gibson, Wilbur Smith, and others, and playing strategy and role playing games. Here is a link to a paper resulting from his undergraduate research.

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Jun Allard is a professor of Mathematics and Physics. His research is in using mathematics and physics to understand cell biology, including how the cells in our body communicate, sense the world, and make decisions, and how this goes wrong in disease. He has a dog named Maggie.

Chris Davis is an Associate Professor of Teaching. He is entering his ninth year teaching at UC Irvine. Some of Chris's favorite classes to teach are number theory/cryptography and introduction to programming. He has led math circles on The Academy Awards, Gambling, and Origami. Chris lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for two years as a math postdoc and spends at least a few weeks each summer there.

Isaac Goldbring is an Associate Professor Mathematics at UC Irvine. He received his Bachelors and Masters in Mathematics at UCLA in 2004 and his Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2009. His research includes applications of model theory (a branch of logic) to various areas of mathematics, including operator algebras, combinatorial number theory, and Lie theory.

Anton Gorodetski is a professor of Mathematics at UC Irvine. He received his PhD in Mathematics from Moscow State University in 2001; his research interests include dynamical systems and fractal geometry. [website]

Patrick Guidotti is a professor of mathematics at UC Irvine whose research is in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Applications. (Some of) his hobbies are photography, cycling, skiing, and hiking. [website]

Hamid Hezari is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics at UC Irvine. [website]

Paata Ivanisvili is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at UC Irvine. His research interests are in Harmonic Analysis. Paata likes diving and he does magic tricks during his free time. [website]

Vlad Matei is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of California, Irvine. He received his Ph.D. in 2017 from the University of Wisconsin Madison and his advisor was Professor Jordan Ellenberg. Ever since he was little, mathematics fascinated him and he took part in numerous math competitions in his home country. Training students for mathematical contests has remained an active interest, and over the summer, he is an instructor for the AwesomeMath summer camps. He believes solving math problems is fun, and every new challenge makes you better.

Connor Mooney is currently an Assistant Professor at UCI.

Xiangwen Zhang is an assistant professor of mathematics. His research interests are geometric analysis and partial differential equations. [website]

Zhiqin Lu is a professor in mathematics at UC Irvine working in differential geometry. He also studies matrix theory, Euclidean geometry, Linux operating systems... and computer games. [website]

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Previous Math Circle Leaders

Jeff Streets is a professor in mathematics at UC Irvine researching geometric evolution equations.
Yucheng Ji received his PhD at UCI in 2019.
Frank Lin is currently a graduate student at UCI.
Jesse Kreger is currently a graduate student at UCI.
Eric Lai is now a PhD student in statistics at UCI.
Andres Forero got his PhD and is now back in Bogotá, Colombia.
Leesa Anzaldo got her PhD and is now at UW Madison.
Nicholas Reale got his PhD.
Luke Smith got his PhD.
Nicole Fider got her PhD and is not a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the University of Arizona.
Kevin Barnum is currently a PhD student at UCI.
Megan Maguire completed her postdoc at UCI.
Hayan Nam got her PhD and is now a Postdoc Research Associate at Iowa State University.
Chris Lopez got his PhD and is now a Visiting Faculty & Lecturer at UC Santa Barbara.
Alex Mramor got his PhD.
Yuki Takahashi is now a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Saitana University, Japan.
Katie Evans got her PhD and is now a faculty member at Chapman Universit.y
Greg Zitelli got his PhD.
Travis Scholl completed his postdoc at UCI and now works for the NSA.
Jared Hillard got his masters.
Yelena Mandelshtam is now a graduate student in the mathematics department at UC Berkeley.
Sophia Balkovski is now a college student at UCLA.
Fan Yang is now a four-year Fellow at the Mathematical Sciences Institute, Australian National University.
Ilya Kachkovskiy is now a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Michigan State University (He was the Tournament of the Towns/BAMO facilitator in 2014-16).
Rui Han is now a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor at Louisiana State University (He was the Tournament of the Towns/BAMO facilitator in 2016-2017).
Wencai Liu is now a tenure-track Assistant Professor at Texas A&M University (He was the Tournament of the Towns/BAMO facilitator in 2016-19 and is now organizing similar competitions at Texas A&M.)
Peyam Tabrizian is now a Lecturer at Arizona State University.
Shuhao Cao is now a Postdoctoral Lecturer at Washington University, in New Orleans.
Xin Dong is now a Professor at the University of Connecticut.
Michael Porter was a Lecturer at UCI.
Shoo Seto is now an Assistant Professor at CSU Fullerton.
Daniel Agress got his PhD.
Kameran Kolahi got his PhD.
Irene Gao got her Bachelor's degree.
Jenny Pi is currently a PhD student at UCI.
Kelly Isham is currently a PhD student at UCI.
Chang Lou is currently a PhD student at UCI.
Dong Yan is currently a PhD student at UCI.

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