The UCI Math Circle Team

Leadership Team

Alessandra Pantano [UCIMC Director] is the Director of the UCI Math Circle for High School and Middle School Students. She received her Ph.D. in mathematics from Princeton University in 2004, and is currently a Lecturer PSOE at the UCI department of Mathematics. [website]

Peyam Tabrizian [Level 1 and 2 Coordinator] is a visiting assistant professor at UCI. His interests are in the field of Partial Differential Equations. He loves teaching and has a Youtube channel (here) called Dr. Peyam’s Show. In his spare time, he likes reading and petting his bunny Oreo.

Wencai Liu [Tournament of the Towns/BAMO facilitator] is a visiting assistant professor at UC Irvine studying Mathematical Physics. In his spare time, Wencai likes running and swimming.

Li-Sheng Tseng [community outreach] is an associate professor in mathematics at UC Irvine and does research in geometry/topology and physics. [website]



Patrick Guidotti is a professor of mathematics at UC Irvine whose research is in Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations and Applications. (Some of) his hobbies are photography, cycling, skiing, and hiking. [website]

Nathan Kaplan is an assistant professor of mathematics whose research focuses on number theory. Outside of math, he is a big New York Mets fan and has been a contestant on four TV game shows. [website]

Zhiqin Lu is a professor in mathematics at UC Irvine working in differential geometry. He also studies matrix theory, Euclidean geometry, Linux operating systems... and computer games. [website]

Jeff Streets is an associate professor of mathematics at UC Irvine researching geometric evolution equations. When not working, he enjoys swimming, soccer, videogames and Go. [website]

Xiangwen Zhang is an assistant professor of mathematics. His research interests are geometric analysis and partial differential equations. [website]

Nicole Fider graduated from UCI with a bachelor's degree in mathematics. She is currently a fifth year graduate student pursuing her PhD in mathematics.

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Graduate Students

Daniel Agress is a fourth year student interested in partial different equations.

Kevin Barnum is a second year PhD student at UCI interested in studying mathematical logic. In his free time, Kevin enjoys playing basketball and reading books.

Katie Evans is currently in her fifth year of graduate studies at UC Irvine. She would like to pursue research in some area of Analysis. When she isn't studying, Katie enjoys cooking vegetarian food, playing tennis with Andres, and reading poetry.

Frank Lin is a third year student interested in numerical PDE. [website]

Jared Hillard is a third year PhD student interested in set theory and games. He believes teaching others is the best way to learn, and is excited to help others see the beauty he sees in mathematics.

Kelly Isham is a second year graduate student at UCI. She is interested in Number Theory, Algebra, and their applications to cryptography. In her spare time, Kelly enjoys reading, cooking, and watching hockey.

Yucheng Ji is a fifth year Ph.D. student at UC Irvine. He is interested in Geometry. He enjoys teaching as well.

Jesse Kreger a second year graduate student (PhD) interested in mathematical biology.

Chris Lopez is a seventh year graduate student who conducts research in geometric evolution equations.

Chang Lou is a second year mathematics graduate student at UCI. She is interested in probability and stochastic processes. She also likes to study econometrics. She enjoys teaching and learning mathematics.

Jiancheng Lyu is a fifth year graduate student at UCI interested in partial differential equations and their applications. He enjoys hiking and learning cooking in his spare time.

Alex Mramor is a fifth year graduate student at UCI focused on geometric analysis.

Hayan Nam is a fourth year Ph.D student. She is interested in number theory and combinatorics.

Michael Porter is a sixth year PhD student. He is interested in Number Theory and has started investigating the Discrete Logarithm problem. Before going back to school to study math, Michael was an Electrical Engineer designing integrated circuits. Recreationally, he searches for large prime numbers and factors large integers. Michael has been married for 30 years and is the father of two college students.

Alex Sutherland is a second year graduate student in UCI's Mathematics Ph.D program, whose general research area of interest is algebra. Alex was an undergraduate at Oberlin College where he got degrees in mathematics and economics and was a 4 year member of the Oberlin College Marching Band..

Yuki Takahashi is a sixth year Ph.D. student at UC Irvine. He is interested in Mathematical Physics, applying Dynamical System technique. Yuki believes that teaching is as important as research, and his ambition is to become outstanding at both during his Ph.D years. When not doing mathematics, he enjoys juggling, exercising yoga, swimming in the ARC, and practicing magic.

John (Nick) Treuer is currently a second year graduate student pursuing a PhD in mathematics. John's research areas include analysis and geometry..

Greg Zitelli is a fourth year PhD student at UC Irvine, with a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. His fields of study include stochastic processes, functional analysis, and operator theory. He is also interested in forms of visual communication in mathematics and their applications to teaching. Outside of his graduate work, Greg enjoys swimming, biking, films, and 85 Degrees.

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High School Members

Sophia Balkovski [Webmaster] is a junior at University High school. In the future, she hopes to travel the world and to study linguistics and computer programming in college.

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Previous Members

Yelena Mandelshtam is now a college student at Stanford.
Eric Lai is now a PhD student in statistics at UCI
Andres Forero got his PHD and is now back in Bogotá, Colombia.
Leesa Anzaldo got her PhD and is now at UW Madison.
Nicholas Reale got his PhD.
Luke Smith got his PhD.

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