Welcome to the Math Physics Group at UCI!

This website is devoted to activities of our mathematical physics faculty as well as graduate students and postdocs from both mathematical physics and several other fields united by research interests being of some relevance to solid state or statistical physics and by participating in our learning seminar and other activities. Mathematical Physics, in such generalized sense, has had a long tradition at UCI, going back to the early days of the university (Meinhard ''Hardy'' Mayer joined UCI math department in 1966), and has stayed an active area of research ever since. A ''steady stream'' of distinguished visiting faculty has enriched our research activities over the past years. Please come in and find out more about our group and its research.

If you are a student thinking of working with one of the group's faculty, please have in mind that you will probably have to interact a lot with both, and also, in some form with the affiliated faculty as well.