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Research, Talks, Definition files (Hurwitz spaces, Inverse Galois Problem, Modular Towers), Conference data, Education Projects

I. Mathematics Research Table of Contents: Overview on research goals

Ia. Home site for Articles and Talks on these topics:
  1. Arithmetic of Covers (outside Modular Towers); R(egular) I(nverse) G(alois) P(roblem).
  2. Finite fields, zeta functions attached to diophantine statements, Galois Stratification, solution to Schur's and Davenport's problems.
  3. Modular Towers (Profinite Geometry: generalizations of modular curves) and relations to the Strong Torsion Conjecture.
Ib. Books, Definitions and Discussions from Major Article Themes:
Ic. Other Researcher Work Related to These Topics
My vita-list has several intellectual history lists. This includes a complete vita and a simple chronological listing of all papers (with all the pre-tex papers – around half – from 1969–1989 that I don't yet have on-line). Some articles may have a clickable .cor corrections file. Corrections policy at correct-policy.html.
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II. Education Assessment Work and Vita: Overview on education goals

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III. Conferences, Proposals and Reports

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