Math 2B (44440) - Winter 2017

Integral Calculus

Lecturer Neil Donaldson
Office RH 472
Office Hours MW 12--14:00
Lecture Times MWF 11:00 SSL 228
Homework/Notes/Resources page

Discussion Sections
Sec 80 (44445) TuTh 08:00 HIB 110
Sec 81 (44450) TuTh 17:00 HICF 100L
Teaching Assistant Zach Drumbor

TAs do not typically have office hours for 2B. Instead, the Tutoring Center is staffed most of the week by TAs, all of whom can answer any questions you have about calculus. Use them!

Syllabus Integration techniques, the fundamental theorem of calculus, applications of integration (finding areas, volumes and arc length), infinite sequences and series.

Course Text James Stewart's Calculus: Early Transcendentals 8th or UCI-custom edition
You are NOT required to buy the book as homework questions will not be collected, however the text will be followed closely so it will be very useful to have a copy.

For a more detailed syllabus including assessments click here

Assessment Class Policies and the Common Final Add/Drop & Enrollment Questions
In Mathematics classes, decisions pertaining to wait-lists, adds, drops, and pass/no-pass changes are NOT made by Instructors. Refer here for information on how to navigate the system. Essentially you have till the end of week 2 to complete all adds, drops and grade changes, all of which is done online.

Academic Honesty
Both the Math department and UCI take a dim view of dishonest behavior with regards to assessments: submitting another's work as your own, copying during exams, bringing notes to exams, etc. Harsh penalties are in place for students who are caught; depending on the seriousness you may be given an F for the assessment, for the class as a whole, or even suspended from the University.