Chancellor's Fellow
University of California-Irvine


Papers Submitted for Publication

  •  1. N. Komarova, X. Zou, Q. Nie and L. Bardwell. Mathematical Models of Specificity in Cell Signaling. Submitted, 2006.
  • 2. Y. Liu, Q. Nie and G. Kassab. A Generalized Minimization of Vascular Design Cost Function. Submitted, 2006.
  • 3. A. Syed, H. Theisen, B. Nguyen, T. Lukasovich, J. Purcell, G. Srivastava, D. Irons, K. Gaudenz, Q. Nie, F. Wan, M. Waterman, and J. Marsh. Pattern of DPP Morphogen Expression Maintained by Armadillo/TCF Mediated Repression in Response to WG Signaling. Submitted, 2006.
  • 4. R. White, Q. Nie, A. Lander, F. Thomas, Shaping the Retinoic Acid Morphogen Gradient in Zebrafish Embryo by regulation of Degradation. Submitted, 2006.
  • 5. Y. Zhang, A. Lander and Q. Nie. Computational Analysis BMP Gradients in Dorsal-ventral Patterning of Zebrafish Embryos. Submitted, 2006.
  • 6. X. Li, V. Cristini, Q. Nie and J. Lowengrub. Nonlinear Three-dimensional Simulation of Solid Tumor Growth. Submitted, 2006.
  • 7. C. Chou, Y. Zhang, R. Zhao and Q. Nie Numerical Methods for Stiff Reaction-Diffusion Systems. Submitted, 2006.


Refereed Proceeding Papers

  • 1. Q. Nie, S. Tanveer, T. Dupont and X. Li. Singularity Formation in Free-Surface Stokes Flows. Contemporary Mathematics, Vol 306, pp 147-165, 2002.
  • 2. J. Kao, Q. Nie, A. Teng, F. Wan, A. Lander, and J. Marsh. Can Morphogen Activity be Enhanced by its Inhibitors? Proceedings of the 2nd MIT Conference on Computational Fluid and Solid Mechanics, pp1729-1733, 2003.

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