Our group is broadly interested in mathematical biology. We strive to understand biological systems by combining:

  • mechanistic computational & math modeling
  • statistics & data science
  • collaboration with experimental scientists.
The questions we tussle with typically are related to stochastic spatiotemporal organization (how and why stuff is moving) at the cellular and molecular scale.

Group News

Dec 2022. New preprint up on arXiv with Sophie Marbach. We use stochastic averaging to derive effective binding rates and forces for fast cross-linking molecules.

Oct 2022. Alex Mogilner and I wrote dispatch in Current Biology about an eLife paper with beautiful integration between theory and experiments of Brownian ratchets. We are big fans!

July 2022. Chris will speak at two SIAM conferences this summer: the first at SIAM Life Sciences, and another at SIAM Data Science. If you'll be around at either and would like to chat, reach out!

June 2022. Welcome to our MathExpLR and MathBioU summer students Tanya, David, and Claire!