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Current Students


Shuwang Li Research Topic: Shape control of growing crystals. Morphological stability in thin films. Multicomponent elastic membranes

Steven Wise Research Topic: Adaptive simulation of thin films and quantum dot structures. Multispecies tumor growth.

Jianjun Xu Research Topic: Modeling and simulation of fluid interfaces with surfactant.

Yao-Li Chuang. Research Topic: Upscaling of discrete, agent-based tumor models

Fang Jin. Research Topic: Three-dimensional tumor modeling and modeling of multicomponent, elastic membranes

Graduate Students

Xiangrong Li (Ph.D. 2007, UCI, expected) Thesis Topic: Direct numerical simulation of coarsening in 3D Solid/Liquid and Solid/Solid systems

Paul Macklin (Ph.D. 2007, UCI, expected) Thesis Topic: Multiphase models of solid tumor growth

Zheng Zheng Hou (Ph.D. 2008, UCI,expected) Thesis Topic: Control of nanostructured thin films.

Geoff Cox (Ph.D. 2009, UCI, expected) Thesis Topic: Modeling, analysis and simulation of interactions among pattern formation and domain growth.

Chris Ograin (Ph.D. 2009, UCI, expected) Thesis Topic: Modeling, analysis and simulation of strongly anisotropic thin films.

Solmaz Torabi (Ph.D. 2010, UCI, expected. Mat. Sci. Eng.) Thesis Topic: Strongly anisotropic Cahn-Hilliard-type equations.

Undergraduate Students

Genevieve Brown. Undergraduate Research Opportunity Fellowship. Honors Thesis topic: Modeling solid tumor growth.

Katiya Pavlova. UROP. (Joint with E. Titi). Research Topic: Numerical simulation of Leray regularization of Burger's equation

Aaron Abajian. UROP. Henry Samueli Engineering School Undergraduate Research Fellowship. Research Topic: Agent-based modeling of tumor growth.

Sam Lee (Biomed. Eng.) Research Topic: Three-dimensional tumor modeling.