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"We prioritized safety and resiliency" -- Chancellor Howard Gillman

Academic Senate on the final exam

School Policy Q&A -- be cautious giving incompleteness grade



General Information
  1. Coronavirus Messages -- UCI
  2. Vice Provost Michael B. Dennin on Pravicy Issues
  3. OIT list of 3rd Party Tools
  4. Spring 2020 Remote Teaching Policies -- Department of Mathematics
  5. Academic Senate P/NP regulations (temporary)
  6. Academic Senate on the final exam
  7. 2020 Spring Math Department Instructor's Manual (TBA)
Useful Teaching Resources
  1. The DTEI's teaching anywhere webpage is always updating
  2. Online teaching resources -- Videos and lecture notes by math faculty
  3. Advice for students transitioning to remote learning
  4. OIT provides Matlab and Mathemirca free for instructors and students
  1. 24/7 Canvas support
  2. Canvas quick setup -- Zhiqin Lu
  3. Sharing a Canvas sandbox -- Zhiqin Lu
  4. DTEI/OIT sample Canvas Sandbox
  5. A quick guide to Canvas quiz and a sample quiz to be downloaded -- Chris Davis
  6. Making a Canvas quiz using shared questions -- Nathan Kaplan
    You can import a sample quiz from "Commons" by searching "Rachel Lehman" to see examples of different quiz question types.
  7. Adding Zoom, Yuja, Gradescope, etc to your Canvas -- Dennis Eichhorn
  8. Setting up Respondus (TBA)
  9. Student guide for setting up Respondus -- Rachel Lehman
  10. Tips of using Canvas & Respondus
  11. At-home exam preparation -- Bob Pelayo
Zoom and Yuja
  1. A quick guide of using Zoom -- by Chris Davis
    1. Easiest: Desktop recording using Zoom
    2. Mediumest (requires webcam): Webcam recording using Zoom
    3. Hardest (requires iPad and stylus
  2. Zoom and other remote lecturing options (Updated!)
Other useful tools