Lower Division

Course Title Syllabus Date Modified Date Reviewed Reviewed by
1A Pre-Calculus 1A_syllabus 9/14/2020    
1B Pre-Calculus 1B_syllabus 9/14/2020    
2A Single-Variable Calculus I 2A syllabus 11/14/2023 11/14/2023 CJD
2A (summer) Single-Variable Calculus I 2A-summer 8/20/2019    
2B Single-Variable Calculus II 2B syllabus 11/14/2023 11/14/2023 CJD
2B (summer) Single-Variable Calculus II 2B-summer 8/20/2019    
2D Multivarable Calculus I 2D syllabus 11/14/2023 11/15/2023 HY
H2D Honor Multivarable Calculus I H2D_syllabus 9/11/2019    
2E Multivariable Calculus II 2E syllabus 11/14/2023 11/15/2023 HY
H2E Honor Multivarable Calculus II H2E_syllabus 8/16/2019    
3A Introduction to Linear Algebra 3A syllabus 7/16/2020    
H3A Honor Introduction to Linear Algebra H3A_syllabus 9/11/2019    
3D Elementary Differential Equations 3D syllabus 7/19/2020    
5A Calculus for Life Sciences I 5A syllabus 7/17/2020    
5B Calculus for Life Sciences II 5B syllabus 7/17/2020    
7A Single-Variable Calculus I        
7B Single-Variable Calculus II        
8 Explorations in Functions and Modeling 8 syllabus 7/19/2020    
9 Introduction to Programming for Numerical Analysis 9_syllabus 7/22/2020    
10 Introduction to Programming for Data Science  10 syllabus 7/19/2020    
13 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics 13 syllabus 7/19/2020    



Course Title Syllabus Date Modified
105A Numerical Analysis I 105A syllabus 9/2/2020
105B Numerical Analysis II 105B_syllabus 9/10/2020
107 Numerical Differential Equations 107_syllabus 3/23/2021
110A Optimization I Visit the webpage 8/22/2019
110B Optimization II Visit the webpage 8/22/2019
112A Introduction to Partial Differential Equations I 112A_syllabus.doc 9/15/2020
112B Introduction to Partial Differential Equations II 112B_syllabus.doc 8/20/2019
112C Introduction to Partial Differential Equations III 112C_syllabus.doc 8/20/2019
113A Mathematical Modeling for Biology I 113A syllabus.doc 7/22/2020
113B Mathematical Modeling for Biology II TBA  
115 Mathematical Modeling contact the department 9/15/2020
117 Dynamical Systems 117_syllabus.doc 117_syllabus.pdf 7/27/2014
118 Theory of Differential Equations 118 syllabus 9/2/2020
120A Introduction to Abstract Algebra: Groups 120A_syllabus.doc 9/2/2020
120B Introduction to Abstract Algebra: Rings and Fields 120B_syllabus.doc 8/30/2019
120C Introduction to Abstract Algebra: Galois Theory 120C_syllabus.doc 8/30/2019
121A Linear Algebra I 121A_syllabus.doc 9/2/2020
121B Linear Algebra II 121B_syllabus.doc 9/2/2020
130A Probability 130A_syllabus.doc 9/2/2020
130B Probability 130B_syllabus.doc 9/5/2019
130C Stochastic Processes 130C syllabus.doc 9/28/2020
133A Statistical Methods with Applications to Finance I 133A_syllabus.doc 8/21/2019
133B Statistical Methods with Applications to Finance II 133B_syllabus.doc 8/21/2019
133C Statistical Methods with Applications to Finance III 133C_syllabus.doc 8/21/2019
134A Fixed Income 134A syllabus.doc 9/14/2020
134B Mathematics of Financial Derivatives 134B syllabus.doc 9/14/2020
134C Mathematical Models for Finance 134C syllabus.doc 9/14/2020
140A Elementary Analysis I 140A_syllabus.doc 7/17/2020
140B Elementary Analysis II 140B_syllabus.doc 7/17/2020
140C Analysis in Several Variables I 140C_syllabus.doc  9/16/2020
141 Introduction to Topology 141_syllabus.doc 9/17/2020
147 Complex Analysis 147_syllabus.doc  7/30/2014
150 Introduction to Mathematical Logic 150_syllabus.pdf  10/1/2020
151 Set Theory 151_syllabus.doc  7/26/2014
161 Modern Geometry 161_syllabus.pdf 9/16/2020
162A Introduction to Differential Geometry I 162A syllabus 7/19/2020
162B Introduction to Differential Geometry II 162B syllabus 7/19/2020
173A Introduction to Cryptology I 173A_syllabus.doc  7/26/2014
173B Introduction to Cryptology II 173B_syllabus.doc  7/26/2014
175 Combinatorics 175 syllabus.doc 7/19/2020
176 Mathematics of Finance 176_syllabus_pdf 8/30/2019
180A Number Theory I 180A_syllabus.doc 9/17/2020
180B Number Theory II 180B syllabus.pdf 9/17/2020
184 History of Mathematics (by the instructor) 8/21/2019


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