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The NSF-CBMS Conference on Solving Problems in Multiply Connected Domains will take place June 18-22, 2018 at the University of California, Irvine. This conference will feature 10 lectures by Professor Darren Crowdy of Imperial College London. He is a Royal Society Research Fellow (Wolfson Merit Award) and an Established Career Fellow of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council in the United Kingdom. In 2004 he won the Philip Leverhulme Prize in Mathematics for his work on constructing exact solutions to a variety of nonlinear free boundary problems in fluid mechanics by recognizing the significance of the theory of quadrature domains; in 2009 he was awarded the international "CMFT Young Investigator Prize" (awarded only once every 4 years) for his derivation of the multiply connected Schwarz-Christoffel formula. He started the ACCA (Applied Complex and Computational Analysis) network, which links researchers in the UK, Brazil and Japan, and has co-organized meetings in the field of applications of complex analysis. His work has been featured in the Times of London and other places.

The conference will include a poster session. All participants are welcome, and encouraged, to participate.

This conference is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF DMS-1743920) and the Department of Mathematics at the University of California, Irvine.

The organizing committee consists of:
Bernard Deconinck
Stefan Llewellyn Smith
Tom Trogdon

Important deadlines:
Apply for funding - February 16, 2018
Apply to attend - March 1, 2018 (free registration, subject to availability)

We have made all funding offers. If you have not yet received a response and you applied for attendance or funding please contact Tom Trogdon

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Code and exercises

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Additional lecturers have been announced

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Confirmed additional speakers:

Registration open!

Posted by Tom Trogdon on November 6, 2017
Registration and funding information is now available: Funding & Registration.

First update

Posted by Tom Trogdon on October 25, 2017
Professor Darren Crowdy has been named the principal lecturer.

Details concerning funding and registration will be forthcoming.