Mathematics Outreach

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The Mathematics Department is actively engaged in a range of outreach activities to the local community that aim towards generating interest in mathematics, promoting education in mathematics, and demonstrating the beauty and power of mathematics.

For example, a few of our math faculty members developed the MATH CEO program ( which offers free enrichment activities to under-served, underprivileged and underrepresented middle school students in Orange county.

The UCI MATH CIRCLE ( offers two weekly math enrichment sessions for high school and middle school students in the community every week. The main goal to enhance appreciation of mathematics, and teach interesting mathematics not covered in a typical school curriculum.

Since 1992, the department has been hosting the Orange County Regional and Southern California Sate MATHCOUNTS ( competitions. The MathCounts Foundation ( aims at boosting the mathematical competency of middle school students in our public school system.

These events require great effort from faculty, staff and visitors along with the undergraduate and graduate students from the Mathematics Department. We would greatly appreciate your support and help with these exciting activities.