Vladimir Baranovsky   



Teaching:  Fall 2009: Math 206A, Introduction to Graduate Algebra course website.


Graduate Students:

  • Josh Whitney. Advanced to candidacy in June 2008. Research area: 3-dimensional toric codes.
  • Jeremy Pecharich. Advanced to candidacy in December 2008. Research area: coherent sheaves on algebraic varieties, deformation theory. Poster on TFT. Paper "On equivalences of derived and singular categories" (jointly with VB) PDF file.
  • Jingyu Wang. Advanced to candidacy in August 2009. Research area: Hall algebras and geometry of quiver varieties.
  • Robert Campbell. To advance to candidacy in Spring 2009. Research area: coding theory and algebraic geometry.


UCI Math Circle: please follow this link.


Preprints and Publications:

  1. The Cohomology Ring of the Moduli Space of Stable Bundles with Odd Determinant,  Russ. Acad. Sci. Izv. Math. Vol 45, No. 4 (1995).  This version is slightly different from the published one:  PDF file.
  2. (with V. Ginzburg) Conjugacy  Classes in Loop Groups and G-Bundles on Elliptic Curves,  Internat. Math. Res. Notices, No 15 (1996)  p. 734-751. PDF file.
  3. Moduli of Sheaves on Surfaces and Action of the Oscillator Algebra, Journal of Differential Geometry 55 (2000) , pp. 193-227. PDF file.
  4. The Variety of Pairs of Commuting Nilpotent Matrices is Irreducible, Transformation Groups, Vol 6 (2001), No 1, pp. 3-8. PDF file.
  5. (with V. Ginzburg and A. Kuznetsov) Quiver Varieties and a Noncommutative P^2, Compositio Mathematica 134 (2002) , pp. 283-318. PDF file.
  6. (with V. Ginzburg and A. Kuznetsov) Wilson's Grassmanian and a Noncommutative Quadric, Internat. Math. Res. Notices, No. 21 (2003), pp. 1155-1197. PDF file.
  7. (with S. Evens and V. Ginzburg) Representations of Quantum Tori and G-bundles on Elliptic Curves, in ``The orbit method in geometry and physics" (Kirillov's Festschrift), Progr. Math., 213, Birkhäuser, Boston, MA, 2003, 29-48. PDF file.
  8. Orbifold Cohomology as Periodic Cyclic Homology, Internat. Journal of Math, 14 (2003), no 8,  791-812. PDF file.
  9. BGG correspondence for projective complete intersections,  Internat. Math. Res. Notices (2005), PDF file.
  10. (with Tihomir Petrov) Brauer Groups and Crepant resolutions, Advances in Math, 209 (2007), no 2, 547-560. PDF file.
  11. BGG correspondence for toric complete intersections, Moscow Mathematical Journal 7 (2007), no. 4, 581-599. PDF file.
  12. A universal enveloping for L-infinity algebras, Math Res Lett 15 (2008), PDF file.
  13. Algebraization of bundles on non-proper schemes, (March 2008), to appear in Transactions of AMS, PDF file.
  14. Bundles on non-proper schemes: representability, (September 2008) to appear in Selecta Math, PDF file.
  15. Norm functors and zero cycles (January 2009), to appear in Proc. Edin. Math. Soc., PDF file.
  16. (with V. Ginzburg) Gerstenhaber-Batalin-Vilkoviski structures on coisotropic intersections (June 2009), to appear in Math. Res. Lett., PDF file.
  17. (with J. Pecharich) On equivalences of derived and singular categories (July 2009), to appear in Cent. Eur. Jour. Math.,  PDF file.
  18. (with Victor Ginzburg and Jeremy Pecharich) Deformation of line bundles on coisotropic subvarieties, submitted in Sept 2009, PDF file.


In preparation:

  1. Chow variety as a functor.
  2. Permutahedra and Eulerian idempotents.
  3. Bundles on non-proper schemes: the Uhlenbeck-Chow compactification.