Math 13, Winter 2014


Midterm Exam

Final Exam

For more sample final exams, if desired, see this website by Andres Forero. Some of these exams may be significantly different from my exam, and some deal with topics that we haven't discussed yet.


Homework exercises will be assigned after each lecture and posted on the schedule of lectures and assignments. The homework assigned in a given week will usually be due on the following Tuesday in your discussion section. Late homework will not be accepted. Your lowest homework score will not be used in calculating your grade in the class.

If a homework exercise gives you trouble, you should make sure you know exactly what the exercise is asking you to do. In particular, you should look up the definitions for any terms that you do not know. Otherwise it is unlikely that you will be able to write a satisfactory solution to the exercise.

You are free to collaborate on the homework with other students and to seek help from any source. Please remember that in an academic context it is never acceptable to copy work from another source and represent it as your own work.


Make-up quizzes will not be given. Your lowest quiz score will not be used in calculating your grade in the class.

Tentative grading policy

Your course grade will consist of the following components: Grading will be strict. Because you will be learning mathematical communication skills, you will be graded on style as well as substance and you will not be given the benefit of the doubt when you write something unclear.

If necessary, grades may be adjusted to bring the average closer to UCI norms or to the average grade of the students in the other lecture.

A reminder

Please take a moment to read the UCI Academic Senate Policy on Academic Honesty if you have not already done so.