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Short Bio

I grew up in St. Andrews, Scotland, before attending Edinburgh and Bath Universities. In 2006, I moved to California for a postdoc, eventually becoming a lecturer at UCI. I live in Long Beach with my family.

Education and Employment

2012--present: Full-time/Continuing Lecturer at UCI
2011--14: Adjunct Faculty at Chapman University
2010--11: Part-time/Summer-session Lecturer at UCI
2010: Adjunct Faculty at the Southern California Institute of Technology
2006--09: Visiting Assistant Professor at UCI, working with Chuu-Lian Terng on integrable systems
2002--06: Ph.D. in Mathematics (Differential Geometry), University of Bath, England, supervised by Fran Burstall
1998--2002: B.Sc.(Hons) in Mathematics, University of Edinburgh, Scotland

Teaching Materials/Websites

Anyone is welcome to use the resources on these sites for any purpose except financial gain.
Spring 2024
Math 8 Functions and Modeling
Math 161 Modern Geometry
Math 184 History of Mathematics

Lingering websites in their most recent incarnation.
Math 2A Differential Calculus (Fall '15)
Math 2B Integral Calculus (Winter '17)
Math 2D Multivariable Calculus (Winter '15)
Math 2E Vector Calculus (Summer '15)
Math 2J Linear Algebra and Infinite Series (Fall '10 --- course defunct)
Math 3A Linear Algebra (Fall '16)
Math 3D Differential Equations (Winter '21)
Math 4 Mathematics for Economists (Summer '11 --- course defunct)
Math 13 Intro to Abstract Mathematics (Winter '24)
Math 120A Group Theory (Fall '23)
Math 120B Rings and Fields (Fall '18)
Math 121A Linear Algebra I (Winter '22)
Math 121B Linear Algebra II (Fall '22)
Math 130A Probability I (Spring '22)
Math 130B Probability II (Winter '16)
Math 140A Analysis I (Fall '23)
Math 140B Analysis II (Fall '22)
Math 147 Complex Analysis (Spring '22)
Math 162A Differential Geometry I (Winter '24)
Math 162B Differential Geometry II (Winter '09)
Math 180A Number Theory I (Winter '22)
Math 180B Number Theory II (Spring '21)