03/03/2016 - 12:00am

Department of Mathematics
2015-2016 Distinguished Lecture Series

Professor Camillo De Lellis
Professor of Mathematics
University of Zurich



Public Lecture
The h-principle and a conjecture of Onsager in fluid dynamics
Thursday, March 3, 2016
Natural Sciences II, Room 1201
Reception to Follow

I will explain some interesting connections between a well known conjecture of Lars Onsager in the theory of turbulence and a technique pioneered by Nash to produce counterintuitive solutions to (some) systems of PDEs.

Mathematics Colloquium
Singularities of area minimizing surfaces
Friday, March 4, 2016
Rowland Hall 306
Reception in RH 408 at 3pm

In a very large monograph of he 70s Almgren provided a deep analysis of the singular set of area minimizing surfaces in codimension higher than 1. I will explain how a more modern approach reduces the proof to a manageable size and allows to go beyond his groundbreaking theorem.

About Professor De Lellis
Professor Camillo De Lellis is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Zurich. He has done pioneering work in partial differential equations, geometric measure theory, and fluid dynamics.

The honors Professor De Lellis has received include the Stampacchia medal (2009), the Fermat Prize (2013), and the Caccioppoli Prize (2014). He was an invited speaker at the ICM in Hyderabad in 2010 and plenary speaker at the European Congress of Mathematics in 2012.