The Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) is firmly committed to fostering an inclusive environment that enables a diverse community to be involved in and contribute to AWM activities. The AWM believes that all people with an interest in mathematics should be supported and encouraged to participate in the profession. Any type of underrepresentation is a problem for the entire mathematical community: it inevitably leads to missed opportunities and the loss of mathematical talent. Thus, the AWM strongly endorses the National Science Foundation’s goal of “broadening participation” in order to “increase participation from underrepresented groups” in the mathematical sciences (See the NSF’s Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering for a description of these groups). It is AWM’s goal to celebrate, recognize and support a diverse mathematical community of individuals from across the spectrum of age, race, gender, gender identity and expression, national or ethnic origin, religion and religious belief, marital status, parental status, body shape or size, sexual orientation, physical ability, socioeconomic status, employment status and other aspects of diversity.

In order to reach our goals of diversity and inclusion, we pledge to pursue the following guiding principles. 

  1.  The AWM is committed to promoting equal opportunity and equal treatment of women, and more broadly, all underrepresented minorities in the mathematical sciences.
  2. The AWM is committed to creating, recognizing, publicizing, and advancing programs aimed at supporting and increasing the representation of women and girls in the mathematical sciences.
  3. The AWM is committed to actively encouraging the representation of underrepresented groups in all facets of the organization, including membership, awards, prizes, conference speakers, committee members, and leadership.
  4. The AWM is committed to creating a welcoming, inclusive environment that is free of discrimination and harassment (see AWM’s Welcoming Environment Statement).
  5. The AWM is committed to providing a supportive community for all self- identified cis- or transgender women and, more generally, for non-binary or gender non-conforming individuals.


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Upcoming Events

Chapter Meeting - Thursday, Nov 19 at Noon PST
Meeting ID: 970 4045 2575
Passcode: AWM


Past Events

The UCI AWM student chapter was founded in the fall of 2018, and since then we have hosted a variety of events, including
WiMSoCal 2020
Diversity Speakers Series
Panel of UCI Alumni in Industry
STEM Grad School Panel
Ice Cream Social

If you liked these events and want to see more of them, then we suggest you come to our next meeting!