Mathematics Lower-Division Course Offerings

2024-2025 Academic Year

The following listing is only a tentative plan. It is SUBJECT to CHANGE at departmental discretion

All courses require sufficient enrollment and are subject to cancellation at any time.

*Last updated May 7, 2024

Course Title Fall Winter Spring
1A Pre-Calculus I F    
1B Pre-Calculus II F W  
2A Single Variable Calculus I F W S
2B Single Variable Calculus II F W S
2D Multivariable Calculus I F W S
2E Multivariable Calculus II F W S
H2D Honors Multivariable Calculus I      
H2E Honors Multivariable Calculus II      
3A Introduction To Linear Algebra F W S
H3A Honors Introduction To Linear Algebra      
3D Elementary Differential Equations F W S
5A Calculus For Life Sciences I F W S
5B Calculus For Life Sciences II F W S
8 Explorations in Functions and Modeling     S
9 Introduction to Programming for Numerical Analysis F W S
10 Introduction to Programming for Data Science F W S
13 Introduction to Abstract Mathematics F W S


Mathematics Upper-Division Course Offerings

Course Title    Fall   Winter Spring
105A/105LA Numerical Analysis I F         
105B/105LB Numerical Analysis II   W  
107/107L Numerical Differential Equations **Offered S25 and S27**     S
110A Optimization I   W  
110B Optimization II     S
112A Intro Partial Differential Equations I **112C is offered every other year** F    
112B Intro Partial Differential Equations II **112C is offered every other year**   W  
112C Intro Partial Differential Equations III **112C is offered S24 and S26**      
113A Mathematical Modeling for Biology I F    
113B Mathematical Modeling for Biology II   W  
115 Math Modeling     S
117 Dynamical Systems **Offered W24 and W26*      
118 Theory of Differential Equations **Offered F24 and F26** F    
120A Intro To Abstract Algebra: Group Theory F W S
120B Intro To Abstract Algebra: Rings/Fields   W S
120C Intro To Abstract Algebra: Galois Theory **Offered S25 and S27**     S
H120A Honors Grad Algebra I      
H120B Honors Grad Algebra II      
H120C Honors Grad Algebra III      
121A Linear Algebra I F W S
121B Linear Algebra II F W S
130A Probability I F W S
130B Probability II   W S
130C Stochastic Processes     S
134A Fixed Income F W S
134B Mathematics of Financial Derivatives F W  
134C Mathematical Models for Finance     S
140A Elementary Analysis I F W S
140B Elementary Analysis II F W S
140C Analysis In Several Variables     S
H140A Honors Grad Analysis I F    
H140B Honors Grad Analysis II   W  
H140C Honors Grad Analysis III     S
141 Intro To Topology     S
147 Complex Analysis F W S
150 Intro To Math Logic F    
161 Modern Geometry     S
162A Intro To Differential Geometry I **162B is offered every other year**   W  
162B Intro To Differential Geometry II **Offered S25 and S27**     S
173A Intro To Cryptology I **Offered in summer only**      
173B Intro To Cryptology II **Offered in summer only**      
175 Combinatorics **Offered in summer only**      
176  Mathematics of Finance   W  
178 Mathematical Machine Learning   W  
180A Intro To Number Theory I   W  
180B Intro To Number Theory II     S
184 & 184L History Of Math & History Of Math Lab     S
192** Studies in the Learning and Teaching of Secondary Mathematics F W S
194** Problem Solving F    
195W Mathematical Writing F    

** 2 units; can be repeated twice.

Department of Mathematics Course Descriptions

All courses require sufficient enrollment and are subject to cancellation at any time.