The Mathematics Graduate Program

The Department of Mathematics is committed to excellence in teaching and research in a wide variety of mathematical disciplines. Undergraduate and Graduate Students are engaged in a thorough program of study leading to professional excellence in mathematical research, or in an area of application.

Graduate courses are designed to meet the needs of students pursuing graduate work in mathematics and related areas. The active fields of research covered include real analysis, complex analysis, algebra, functional analysis, geometry, topology, probability and statistics, ordinary and partial differential equations, mathematical logic, and computational and applied mathematics.

In addition to formal courses and research, seminars are held frequently.  Department faculty and outstanding mathematicians from throughout the world present their latest research findings in various fields of mathematics. Topics vary from year to year reflecting the expertise of both tenured and visiting faculty. A faculty member specializing in the subject field conducts each seminar.


Administration of the Graduate Program 2023-24

The Graduate Studies Committee, the Graduate Admissions and Advising Committee and the TA Training Committee are responsible for overseeing the graduate program.  The Graduate Affairs Officer handles administrative operations.

Graduate Studies Committee

Knut Solna (Chair), Jun Allard, Alexandra Florea, Patrick Guidotti, Katya Krupchyk, John Lowengrub, Manuel Reyes, Roman Vershynin

This committee has responsibility over all policy matters relating to the graduate program of the Department.  The committee oversees Departmental requirements for graduate degrees, revision of graduate courses and catalog descriptions, and standards and procedures.  The committee recommends graduate courses and seminar teaching assignments to the Chair and oversees the administration of the written Master's and Ph.D. qualifying examinations and makes recommendation for students not making satisfactory progress.  The committee hears appeals from Graduate Students and may recommend that students be advanced from one degree program to another or be terminated in their graduate studies in Mathematics.  This committee reviews and advises on financial support for continuing Graduate Students.

Graduate Admissions and Advising Committee

Knut Solna (Chair), German Enciso, Asaf Ferber, Anton Gorodetski, Song-Ying Li, Anna Ma, Jeff Streets, Xiangwen Zhang

This committee reviews the dossier of all applicants for graduate studies.  They advise on the admission to the graduate program and on financial support for incoming Graduate Students. Members of this committee provide general professional advice and assistance to every Graduate Student in planning their degree program up to the time the student acquires a formal Ph.D. advisor.

TA Training Committee

 Chris Davis, Yifeng Yu, Knut Solna

This committee advises TAs on teaching matters and provides instruction and guidance for teaching assistants throughout their TA careers.  The committee assists new TAs in developing high quality teaching techniques and becoming familiar and efficient in the role of teacher.  In coordination with the Center for Engaged Instruction, (formerly know as Teaching, Learning & Technology Center (TLTC), this committee runs an orientation and training program for all TAs at the beginning of Fall Quarter and Teaching Seminars throughout the academic year.