Jumpstart Program

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Math 206 - Algebra   Math 206 - Algebra
Tentative Schedule:
MWF 3pm-4:50pm
Location: RH 306
Instructor:  Professor Vladimir Baranovsky
T & Th 3pm-4:50
Location: RH 306
Teaching Assistant:
Taiji Chen
Math 205 - Analysis   Math 205 - Analysis

Tentative schedule:

MWF  10am-11:50am
Location: RH 306
Instructor:  Professor Patrick Guidotti 


T & Th 10am11:50am
Location: RH 306
Teaching Assistant: Daniel Agress



The Jumpstart Program is open to incoming Mathematics graduate students only. 

The program will consist of accelerated versions of Math 205 (analysis) and Math 206 (algebra), which will not be for credit or units.

Each course will meet 10 hours/week with 8 hours of lecture and 2 hours of discussion sections.  Students who are interested in attending this program (attendance is strongly recommended) should contact Donna McConnell dmcconne@math.uci.edu. **Instruction will be held during the first 3 weeks, the following week a placement/assessement exam will be given.

Housing can be arranged via the UCI housing office by requesting an early move-in for the fall quarter on your housing application to be submitte by May 1.

**Foreign students that plan to attend the Jumpstart program will need to indicate on your VISA/ I-20 documents so that the documents will reflect an earlier arrival date into the US.

  **Students are encouraged to attend both Analysis (Math 205) and Algebra (Math 206).  The Jumpstart program does not count for units or credits.  An assessment exam will be given at the end of each course, this will determine placement in either Math 205, 206, 210, or 230.  In the event that you do not attend Jumpstart, you will be given an assessment exam (date to be announced).
The assessment exams do not count to towards any math graduate exam requirements.                           

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