Private Math Tutors

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The following students have identified themselves as math tutors. The UCI Mathematics Department is not endorsing or recommending these tutors. We are providing this list for your convenience, to be used at your discretion.

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Pay Rate

Tutor Level


Taiji Chen

$40-$60/hr, depending on level; Negotiable

All levels of undergraduate math, GRE subject

PhD student
2017 pedagogical fellow
4 years of TA experience with high evaluations.
GRE Math General: Full Score
GRE Math Subject: 97% up

Katie Evans


K-12, calculus, lower division mathematics courses

I am a PhD student at UCI with experience tutoring and teaching in a way that emphasizes conceptual understanding. I received an Outstanding TA award from UCI's math department and I am a Pedagogical Fellow. I am patient and professional, and I really enjoy teaching!

Nikki Fider

$60/hour.  Discounted to $50/hour if 5+ hours are scheduled and paid in advance.

All lower division courses; most upper division courses.

Experienced tutor and TA; five years tutoring experience with K-12 levels and college levels; recipient of the Math Department's Outstanding TA award. Flexible schedule, can met on or near UCI's campus. Feel free to email me for more information.

Kelly Isham


7-12th grade and undergraduate math courses

Mathematics PhD student at UCI. Five years of experience tutoring individuals of all ages. Experience tutoring SAT, ACT, and AP test prep. Recipient of the Outstanding TA award.

Tao Ju

$45/hr and up

All levels of undergraduate math, high school math, math olympiad, etc..

Math Ph.D. student at UCI, previously used to be a math Master/Ph.D. in University of Wisconsin Madison for 4 years. Experience teaching math olympiad in China and being a TA in Madison for two years with high evaluation. Bilingual: English/Mandarin

Ali Kassir


All levels, excluding statistics

Math Ph.D. student with five years of tutoring experience.  Bilingual:  English/Arabic

Jesse Kreger

$50/hr and up

All high school and undergraduate mathematics courses

Ph.D. mathematics student- four years of experience with undergraduate tutoring and one year experience with the Huntington Learning Center tutoring all levels

Matthew Levy



Calculus, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra

4th year PhD student

Xianfu Liu

$40-$60/hr, depending on. level; Negotiable All levels of undergraduate math, GRE subject, high school math, math olympiad. I am a PhD in math department and I won the Bronze Medal in CMO (Chinese Mathematical Olympiad).

Ziang Long

$40-$60/hr depending on level; Negotiable From middle school to undergraduate math, GRE sub included. PhD in math with experience in teaching high school students. GRE math sub 97% up. English/Chinese. 

Jiancheng Lyu


Calculus, Linear Algebra, Ordinary Differential Equations, Real Analysis

I am a PhD student in math department and I love mathematics-based thinking.

Timmy Ma


Lower division, and most upper division math.

BA in math with emphasis in education/geometry/analysis at Berkeley.  UCI Ph.D. student with experience in teaching.

Adrien Peltzer

40-50$/hr preferably on campus undergraduate courses only: all lower division and some upper division courses Fifth year Math PhD student with a focus in Probability

Yuchi Qiu


Undergraduate level math. Calculus, linear algebra, Ordinary differential equations, Numerical analysis, Real analysis. 

PhD student in math department. Experienced TA for for 2A/2B and 5A/5B. 


Fernando Quintino

$45/ hr

($40 for Math 2B)

All college level math including calculus.

UCI students only.

Graduate student with 3.88 GPA, led workshops in pre-calculus and in calculus for 2 years in undergrad, and have private tutoring experience with calculus. Languages: English and Spanish

Yutong Sha

 $40 - $60/hr, depending on the level,  negotiable

All levels of high school and undergraduate math, GRE math

PhD Student, Experienced TA, GRE Math General: Full Score, GRE Math subject: 97% up, English/Chinese, Kind and patient.

Joseph Paul Squillace

$30 - $50/hr, depending on the level

 K-12 and undergraduate math

Math PhD student at UCI. Math BA from UC Berkeley and Math MA from SF State. I have tutored since 2007, and I have taught at the college level since 2012.

Ryan Sullivant

$50/hr or $90 for two hours

Middle/High School, Lower Division: 2A, 2B, 2D, 3A, 3D, 13
Upper Division: 121A, 120A/B, 130A/B

PhD student in Mathematics with 5+ years tutoring experience.  Recipient of Outstanding TA Award.  Patient and engaging tutor. The first hour is half-off.

Alex Sutherland

Starting at $50/hr

7th - 12th Grade

Many undergraduate courses

Mathematics PhD student at UC Irvine. 3+ years of tutoring. Experience designing and teaching proof-based math courses for rising 8th graders.

Alberto Takase


All levels of High School courses and lower division Undergraduate courses

Math Ph.D. Student, TA experience, and will assign homework on top of going over mathematical problems / proofs

Shichen Tang

$50/hour All levels of math, from high school to graduate qualifying exams Math PhD students at UCI, TA experience for 2A & 3A

James Upton


All levels of college mathematics

Math PhD student with five years of tutoring experience. Previous TA for calculus, linear algebra, proofs, logic, number theory, and abstract algebra.

Amir Vig


All levels

I'm passionate about helping students truly understand and master course material. I completed my undergraduate degree in mathematics from UNC Chapel Hill, have over 8 years of tutoring experience, and am former employee of Raleigh tutoring. TA experience: 3A, 112, 118, 140ABC, 141, 175, 205C, 210ABC. Languages: Farsi, Pashto, Hindi/Urdu, English & Spanish. See my personal website!

Dongwu Wang

$30-60/hr, negotiable, near UCI campus

All levels of high school and undergraduate math

 Undergraduate degree of Peking University, China. Current PhD in UCI math. TA of 2A and 2B before. Chinese/English

Wei Wang

$40/h near campus only 

High school math and lower division math

Ph.D. student in Math
Previous experience working in tutor center
patient and kind
Bilingual Chinese and English.

Huiwen Wu

30/hr-50/hr depending on level, UCI Library(or nearby)

All levels of undergraduate math, including calculus, linear algebra, mathematical proofs and analysis

One year TA experience in Peking University (China). Current P.h.D student in UCI math. Professional, Patient, kind and with passion.  Bilingual: Chinese and English

Rui Xiang

$40 on campus, $40+ out of campus, also depend on content

University level calculus, algebra and analysis, also high school level calculus, algebra and analysis

Phd student in applied math, having 3 years tutoring experience since year 3 in my undergraduate school. Bilingual:  English/Mandarin, also speak Cantonese

Lili Yan

$40-$60/hr, depending on. level; Negotiable All levels of undergraduate math, high school math, GRE math, SAT math
Math PhD student in UCI
TA experience
Kind and patient

Yang Yang

$40-$60/hr, depending on level; Negotiable  All levels of undergraduate math, GRE math, High school math Experienced in teaching high school students. Very patient and kind. Good background in algebra. Bilingual: English/Mandarin.

Fei Yu


 $40-$50/hour depending on level.

High School, undergraduate 2A/2B

Ph.D. in uci math, current TA in uci math department, has TA experience in 2A/2B,Bilingual: English and Chinese

Greg Zitelli


All levels of middle school, high school, and undergraduate math, including geometry, stats, Math 4, and upper division courses.

10 years tutoring experience, including math and stats. Current UCI doctoral candidate with a Masters in math from UTK. CRLA certified with previous employment at UCI's LARC and IVC's Math Tutorial Center.