The following students have identified themselves as math tutors. The UCI Mathematics Department is not endorsing or recommending these tutors. We are providing this list for your convenience, to be used at your discretion.

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Pay Rate

Tutor Level


Vignesh Iyer 

 $45/hour Can tutor high school mathematics and most applied mathematics college courses. I am a masters student with a good understanding of college calculus, linear algebra, and differential equations

Kevin Johnston

$40 dollars an hour and up (depending on class difficulty)
All undergraduate math classes
Experience as teacher and TA for most undergraduate classes, including Calculus, Differential Equations, Numerical Analysis, PDEs.

Tao Ju

$45/hr and up

All levels of undergraduate math, high school math, math olympiad, etc..

Math Ph.D. student at UCI, previously used to be a math Master/Ph.D. in University of Wisconsin Madison for 4 years. Experience teaching math olympiad in China and being a TA in Madison for two years with high evaluation. Bilingual: English/Mandarin

Matthew Levy


$20-$60/hr, depending on. level; Negotiable

Calculus, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, ACT/SAT prep

6th year PhD student

Xianfu Liu

$40-$60/hr, depending on. level; Negotiable All levels of undergraduate math, GRE subject, high school math, math olympiad. I am a PhD in math department and I won the Bronze Medal in CMO (Chinese Mathematical Olympiad).

Ziang Long

$40-$60/hr depending on level; Negotiable From middle school to undergraduate math, GRE sub included.

I am a math PhD specialize in machine learning. Besides undergraduate math, I can also help you build basic programming skills that fit the job markets in tech companies. English/Chinese.

Maruf Mamun

$45/hour; negotiable Algebra 1 through Undergraduate Mathematics, including AP Calculus AB/BC I have been tutoring people through their math courses since 2010, especially helping students of AP Calculus prepare for their AP exam; 4th year Math Ph.D Student with an M.S. from UC Irvine and 3 years of Teaching Assistant experience.

John Peca-Medlin

$50-$60/hr, depending on level; Negotiable

All levels of undergraduate and K-12 mathematics or related topics; some graduate courses and related topics

PhD student in Probability Theory and Applied Linear Algebra, with 4 years of TA experience and 5+ years of tutoring experience (middle school through second-year graduate students)

Fernando Quintino

$50/ hr

($40 for Math 2A,2B,3A 3D)

All college level math including calculus.

UCI students only.

5th year graduate student with 3.86 GPA, experienced TA in calculus, ODEs, linear algebra, and upper division.. Languages: English and Spanish

Jessica Schirle

$$50+ depending on the leve

Middle school and up Test Prep (ACT, SAT, GRE)

I have experience tutoring middle school and up, teaching ACT/SAT math prep courses, differential/multivariable calculus, and higher level math classes. I received my Bachelor's in math with a double major in philosophy from UIUC in 2018 and graduated with distinction in math. I received my Master's degree from UCI in March 2020. I'm very patient with students and try to teach concepts rather than memorizing formulas/facts. My website is

Yutong Sha

 $40 - $60/hr, depending on the level,  negotiable

All levels of high school and undergraduate math, GRE math

PhD Student, Experienced TA, GRE Math General: Full Score, GRE Math subject: 97% up, English/Chinese, Kind and patient.

Alex Sutherland

Starting at $50/hr

7th - 12th Grade

Many undergraduate courses

Mathematics PhD student at UC Irvine. 3+ years of tutoring. Experience designing and teaching proof-based math courses for rising 8th graders.

Alberto Takase


All levels of High School courses and lower division Undergraduate courses

Math Ph.D. Student, TA experience, and will assign homework on top of going over mathematical problems / proofs; here's my scheduling link so we can avoid the back and forth of finding a time to meet

Shichen Tang

$50/hour All levels of math, from high school to graduate qualifying exams Math PhD students at UCI, TA experience for 2A & 3A

Wes Whiting

$50/hour K-12 and undergraduate courses. GRE general and subject test. Math PhD student. 5000+ hours of experiencing tutoring middle school, high school, and undergraduate students. I can come to you on campus or around Irvine, or meet via Zoom or Skype.

Dong Yan

$50/hr; preferably on campus All lower-division course; most upper-division courses Math PhD student at UCI. English/Chinese speaking.

Guangchu Yan

$40-$60/hr depending on the level All lower courses and Math 120, 121 130, 133, 140, 147, 176, 180 PhD student, spent 4 years as undergrad in UCI in math. Familiar to almost all math courses in the department. English/ Mandarin.

Lili Yan

$40-$60/hr, depending on. level; Negotiable All levels of undergraduate math, high school math, GRE math, SAT math
Math PhD student in UCI
TA experience
Kind and patient

Yang Yang

$40-$60/hr, depending on level; Negotiable  All levels of undergraduate math, GRE math, High school math Experienced in teaching high school students. Very patient and kind. Good background in algebra. Bilingual: English/Mandarin.

Floyd Maseda

$50/hr, prefer on or close to campus Any middle-high school math, lower level undergrad (2A-5B), ACT/SAT/GRE prep I also have a bachelors and a masters in physics, so high school or lower level undergrad physics tutoring is also available.

Abdourrahmane Kabbaj

$50/hr K-12, Calculus , Lower Division Math courses

Math Masters student in UCI. TA experiene Very patient and friendly
Bilingual: English/Arabic

Seulip Lee

All levels of high school math and undergraduate math

Math PhD student at UCI. Teaching assistant for various courses. Language: English/Korean. See my personal website:

Matt West

$50/hr K-12, Calculus, lower division mathematics courses

I have several years experience teaching math as a TA, an instructor of record, and as a private tutor.  Patient, friendly. 

Tin Yau Tsang

$45-65/hr (depending on course levels) Middle school, high school math, test prep. Undergraduate calculus, linear algebra and analysis.  Math PhD student. Years of TA experience in US and Hong Kong. English and Cantonese speaking.

Zhijian Li


All levels of undergraduate math, GRE math, and GRE math sub.

I'm an experienced TA in calculus, linear algebra, probability, and stochastic process. I received my Bachelor's degree at UCLA with mathematics departmental honors. English/Mandarin

Bryan Christopher

$50/hr (though this is negotiable).

All K-12 mathematics coursework. I can also tutor lower-level undergraduate coursework in pure mathematics (calculus, linear algebra, ODE, etc.). I can tutor most upper-level courses in pure mathematics, though I have the most experience in analysis (real/complex), differential equations (ODE/PDE), intro abstract algebra, topology, & geometry (modern/differential). I have an MS in mathematics and I am currently a 1st-year PhD student. I have 4 year of experience tutoring both K-12 and undergraduate mathematics.

William Field Wood

$ 40-60

available for all levels


Brian Ransom

$ 40 an hour, but this is flexible based on your financial means 6th-12th grade math, introductory undergraduate math courses, all undergraduate proofs courses, and SAT/ACT/GRE test prep I have experience working with middle and high school students on coursework, test prep, and Mu Alpha Theta competition material. I've worked as a TA for various calculus courses at UCI, and have worked with undergraduate students to develop intuition and learn to write clear proofs in pure math courses. At all levels, I focus on building a thorough conceptual understanding of the material, which translates to an ability to solve homework and test problems with ease and confidence

Kuan-Hui Lee

50/hour Any undergraduate course. I am a PHD math student and I have been a tutor since I graduated from high school.