Some students carry a link to an interview that they kindly accepted to give. The current year features a possibly incomplete list until it finishes.


2022-2023 Graduates (July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023)

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Joshua Jordan Geometric-analysis Postdoc, University of Iowa
Hua Lin Analytic Number Theory Postdoc, Northwestern University
Yang Yang PDE Postdoc, Johns Hopkins University
Chao-Ming Lin Differential Geometry  Postdoc, Ohio State University
Guangchu Yan Math Finance Risk Strategy Associate, Goldman Sachs
Lee Fisher  Math Physics Data Scientist, Naval Air Systems Command

2021-2022 Graduates (July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2022)

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Luke Fredericks Number Theory Visiting Assistant Professor, Berry College
John Peca-Medlin Random Matrix Theory Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Arizona
Floyd Maseda Applied Math Scientist of Software Research, Canon USA
Tao Ju Differential Geometry Research Scientist, Facebook
Xianfu Liu Geometry Senior Machine Learning Engineer, Edwards Lifesciences
Yutong Sha Mathematical Biology Postdoc, UC Irvine
Ziang Long Applied Math Research Scientist, Meta
Kai-Wei Zhao Geometry Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Notre Dame
Hongyi Sheng Geometry S.E. Warschawski Assistant Professor, UCSD
Alex Sutherland Algebraic Geometry Ross Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University
Fanghui Xue Applied Math Engineer, Industry job in Shanghai
Lili Yan Inverse Problems Dunham-Jackson Postdoctoral Associate, Univ. of Minnesota
Alberto Takase Dynamical Systems, Math Physics NSF Postdoc, Michigan State University
Matthew Cheung Arithmetic Geometry Cybersecurity Associate, Tevora

2020-2021 Graduates (July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021)

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Daniel Agress Numerical PDEs Numerical Analyst, Aerospace Corporation
Boya Liu Inverse Problems for PDE Postdoctoral Research Scholar, North Carolina State University
Jesse Kreger Mathematical Biology Postdoc, USC
Frank Lin Numerical PDEs Engineer, Goldman Sachs
John (Nick) Treuer Several Complex Variables Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas A & M
Raymon Watkin Geometry AI/ML Engineer at SRC
Kelly Isham Number Theory Visiting Assistant Professor, Colgate University
Fernando Quintino Analysis/Math Physics Lecturer, Texas State University San Marcos
Nishant Rangamani Math Physics Lecturer, University of California Irvine
Seulip Lee Applied Math Assistant Professor, University of Georgia
Chao Chen Algebra/Number Theory Teacher, No.2 High School of East China Normal University, Shanghai

2019-2020 Graduates (July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2020)

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Jennifer Bryson Probability Theory Data Scientist, SAP - Newport Beach
Katie Evans Analysis Instructional Assistant Professor, Chapman University
Ka Laam Chan    
Matthew Gibson Geometry/Algebraic Topology CV & ML Engineer; Trace - Huntington Beach, CA
Yucheng Ji Geometry Lecturer, UC Irvine
Adrien Peltzer Probability Lecturer, UC Irvine
Ryan Sullivant Set Theory Senior Engineer, Raytheon
Huiwen Wu Probability  
Greg Zitelli Probability (Random Matrix Theory)  Data Engineer, Capital Group
Lora Weiss Applied Math: Math Biology Assistant Professor, Grand Valley University
Thu Dinh Applied Math & Probability AI Research Scientist, Latent AI
Yuchi Qiu Computational Biology Postdoc, Michigan State University
Amir Vig Analysis, PDEs, Geometry Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Daniel Bergman Applied Math Assistant Professor, University of Michigan
Eric Puttock Math Biology  
Joseph Squillace Probability Postdoc, University of Rhode Island
Sean Horan Applied Math Postdoc, UC Merced

2018-2019 Graduates (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019)

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Ching-Heng Chiu Numer Theory Associate Data Scientist, Blume Global - Dublin, CA
Jiancheng Lyu Numericial Analysis Senior Engineer, Qualcomm (San Diego, CA)
Alex Mramor Geometry/Topology J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor, John Hopkins University
Hayan Nam Number Theory & Combinatorics Postdoc, Iowa State University
Jennifer Nguyen Number Theory Applied Research Mathematician, Undisclosed
Dongwu Wang Applied Math Data Scientist, MobLab
Min Wen Applied Math Data Scientist, Black Knight
Fei Yu Numerical PDE Data Scientist, Ford Motor Company
Jiawei Zhou Geometry and Topology Postdoc, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center - Tsinghua University

2017-2018 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Taiji Chen Algebra, Algebraic Geometry Lecturer, UCI
Nicole Fider Applied Math (Applied Cognitive Sciences, Psychology) VAP, UCI
Ali Kassir Applied Math (Mathematical Finance) Data Analyst at iHerb
Timmy Ma Applied Math (Complex Social Phenomena) Postdoc, Dartmouth College
Michael Porter Number Theory Lecturer, UCI
Christopher Rackauckas Applied Math (Developmental Biology, Numerics of SPDEs) Instructor, MIT

2016-2017 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Garrett Ervin Logic, Set Theory Postdoc, CMU
Jun Fang Applied Math Deep Learning Scientist, NeoGenomics Labs
Rui Han Mathematical Physics Hale VAP, Georgia Institute of Technology
Casey Kelleher Geometric Analysis and Topology, PDEs NSF Postdoc, Princeton
Christopher Lopez Geometric Analysis NSF Postdoc, UCSB
Tao Peng Applied Math (Math Bio; Data Analysis) Postdoc, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Rufei Ren Number Theory (Modular Forms ) VAP, University of Rochester
Aghavni Simonyan Applied Math (Math Biology) Lecturer, UCI
Catherine Ta Applied Math (Math Biology) Data scientist, Databricks
Yuki Takahashi Mathematical Physics, Quantum Mechanics Postdoc, Bar-Ilan University
Andrew Thomas Applied Math PDE Image Processing Aerospace Industry
Karen Wood Applied Math (Math Bio) Space Systems Analyst at the Aerospace Corporation  
Jienian Yang Applied Math (Math Bio) Data analyst at Pharmapace, Inc.
Shuai Zhang Applied Math Qualcomm

2015-2016 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Jess Boling Geometry PDEs, Algebra Adjunct Instructor, Cypress College
Mariano Franco De Leon Applied Math Intelligence and Segmentation Sr. Manager, Banco Azteca
Geoff Galgon Logic, Set Theory co-Founder and CEO, JustMilk
Hongwei Gao Analysis & PDE Assistant Adjunct Professor, UCLA
Michael Ho Applied Math (Numerical Methods, Math Finance) Raytheon
Cynthia Sanchez Tapia Applied Math (Math Bio) Hill Assistant Professor, Rutgers University
Chi Shing Tsang Analysis, Math Physics unknown
Hang Xu Complex Geometry J. J. Sylvester Assistant Professor, John Hopkins U
Penghang Yin Signal Processing Assistant Adjunct Professor, UCLA
Myungjun Yu Number Theory Postdoc, U of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Cheng Zhang Probability, Numerical Analysis unknown  
Lingxiao Zhang Inverse Problems Credit Risk Analyst, MUFG Union Bank
Shiwen Zhang Math Physics, Dynamical Systems VAP, MSU

2014-2015 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Leesa Anzaldo Number Theory unknown
Ani Asatryan Applied Math (Math Bio) Technical Staff, Aerospace Corporation
Roger Dellaca Algebra, Geometry Lecturer, UCI
Andres Forero Cuervo Logic, Set Theory Lecturer/Academic Coordinator, UCI
Adrian Ferenc Algebra unknown
Matt Keti Number Theory unknown
Anna Konstorum Applied Math (Math Bio) Postdoctoral Fellow, UConn Health
Mary Lee Applied Math (Math Bio) Mathematician, Rand Corporation
Cynthia Northrup Logic, Set Theory Director of Digital Content at McGraw-Hill Education
Scott Northrup Dynamical Systems Adjunct Professor, Bellevue College
Nicholas Reale Geometry, Topology Head of Research and Development at Aspire3  
Shoo Seto Complex Geometry VAP, UCSB
Luke Smith Number Theory, Algebra Lecturer, UCI
Heng Su Number Theory Quantitative Researcher at Citadel LLC
Huaming Yan Applied & Computational Math Researcher, UCI
Lin Zhong Applied Math Amazon
Penghe Zu Applied Math Google

2013-2014 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Alexander Abatzoglou Cryptography, Computational Number Theory Adjunct Faculty Member, OCC
Monroe Eskew Logic, Set Theory Postdoc, U of Vienna
Jie Feng Applied Math (Face Recognition) Airbnb
Fei He Geometric Analysis Assistant Professor, Xiamen University
Joshua Hill Algebra, Cryptography, Coding Theory, Number Theory Information Security Scientitst, UL
Hsiao-Fan Liu Differential Geometry unknown
Xiaolong Long Applied Math Google
Jacquelyn Rische Applied Math VAP, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Mustafa Said Functional Analysis (Operator Theory, Von Neumann Algebra) unknown
Zheng Sun Applied Math unknown
Dongyong Wang Applied Math (Math Bio) Software Engineer, Google
Changjian Zou Applied Math (PDEs, Stochastic Analysis) Software Engineer, Google

2012-2013 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Meng Chen Applied Math (Math Bio) Staff Data Scientist, Intuit
Hee-Chul Choi Number Theory Adjunct Lecturer, ORange
Keqin Gong Applied Math (Mathematical Finance, Probability, and Stochastic Processes) Quantitative Analyst, Wells Fargo
Ryan Holben Logic, Set Theory Senior Software Engineer, Cruise Automation
Chien-Hao Huang Probability Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University
Jeremy Jankans Algebraic Geometry unknown
Natalia Kiseleva-Karasik Probability Product Development and Business Analysis, Medata
May Mei Dynamical Systems, Math Physics Assistant Professor, Denison University
Jeremy Ovadia Applied Math (Math Bio, Scientific Computing) Senior Associate, Wilshire Advisor Solutions
Michael Rael Probability Senior Statistician, Evidera
Shane Ryerson Applied Math (Math Bio) Data Science Manager, Monsanto Company
Fan Wang Mathematical Finance Quantitative Researcher, Squarepoint Capital
Lihan Wang Geometric Analysis Postdoc, UC Riverside
Angela Wong Cryptography, Number Theory Software Developer, Epic
Deliang Yin Applied Math (Wave Propagation in random Media) Model Validation at Scotiabank

2011-2012 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Robert Campbell Probability unknown
Wei-Kuo Chen Probability, Stochastic Process, Applicantions Assistant Professor, University of Minnesota
Ying Chen Applied Math (Math Bio) unknown
Aseel Farhat PDEs Whyburn Instructor, University of Virginia
Zachary Faubion Logic, Set Theory Lecturer, Tufts University
Kenn Huber Probability Lecturer, UCI
Li Kong Applied Math (Stochastic Processes, Financial Math) Risk Quant, Wells Fargo
Jian Liang Applied Math Quantitative Associate, Wells Fargo Securities
Yu-Yu Liu PDE, Applied Math Analysis Assistant Professor, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan
Hua Lv Applied Math (Stochastic Processes, Financial Math) Front Office Quant, Wells Fargo Securities
Christoph Marx Math Physics, Functional & Harmonic Analysis Assistant Professor, Oberlin College
Rajinder Mavi Math Physics Postdoctoral Researcher, MSU
Shabnam Moobed-Mehdi-Abadi Applied Mathematics (Math Bio) unknown
Son Nguyen Analysis, Mathematical Physics Faculty at Coastline Community College  
William Pachas Probability unknown
John Pipan Functional Analysis,  PDEs Data Center Support Technician, Cyxtera Technologies
Jingyu Wang Algebraic Geometry unknown
Min Wu Applied Math (Math Bio) Assistant Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Zhiwei Wu Geometry Associate Professor, Sun Yat-sen University
Meng Yu Applied Math (Microphone Array Speech Processing) Research scientitst, Tencent
Sean (Xun) Xue Logic, Set Theory unknown

2010-2011 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Nicholas Alexander Number Theory Computer Security Consultant
Feiyue Di Probability, Stochastic processes, and Math finance Quantitative Analyst, UBS
Zev Klagsbrun Number Theory Reseach Staff Member; Center of Communications Research
Adam Larios Applied Math and PDE (Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Physics) Assistant Professor, University of Nebraska- Lincoln
Anh Le Math Physics unknown
Wing-Cheong Lo Applied Math (Bio Math) Assistant Professor, City University of Hong Kong
Jeremy Pecharich Algebraic Geometry Software Systems Engineer, JPL
Yuyu Peng Applied Math (Math Bio) CEO & Founder of MyYam, Inc.
Kara Pham Applied Math (Math Bio) Math Content Writer, Aleks
Ronald Sorace Applied Math Lecturer, UCI
Khang Tran Analysis, PDE unknown
Aaron Welters Math Physics Assistant Professor, Florida Institiute of Technology
Liping Zhang Probability unknown
Su Zhao Applied Math (Math Bio) Associate IT Software Engineer, Kaiser Permanente

2009-2010 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Carlo Chan Applied Math (Math Bio) Professor, IVC
Geoffrey Cox Applied Math (Biophysics) Associate Professor, Virginia Military Institute
Hao Gao Applied Math Assistant Professor, Emory University
Seth Haney Applied Math (Math Bio) Postdoc, UCSD
Kate Longo PDEs, Image Processing Scientist, SPAWAR
Graham Mueller Probability unknown
Daniel Nash Four-manifolds/geometric topology/Algebra Topology VAP, Pepperdine Seaver College
Christopher Ograin Applied Math Lecturer with Securityh of Employment, UCSB
Jinsun Sohn Applied Math Software Development Engineer, MSC Software
Erin Brown Applied Math (Math Bio, Cancer Modeling) Advisory Manager, Deloitte and Touche
Josh Whitney Algebraic Geometry Principal Data Scientist, AT&T Big Data

2008-2009 Graduates

Alumna/Alumnus PhD research topic Occupation at the Time of Graduation
Andrew-David Bjork Logic, Set Theory, Ergodic Theory Assistant Professor, Siena Heights University
Sunil Chetty Number Theory Assistant Professor, College of St. Benedict
Sean Cox Logic, Set Theory Associate Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
Allen Katouli Applied Math Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, Quant
Mitchell Khong Applied Math unknown
Michail Korniotis Applied Math (Financial Math) Financial Risk Manager, KPMG
Kyriakos Kypriotakis Set Theory, Inner Model Theory Assistant Professor, Southwestern Oregon Community
Phong Le Number Theory, Zeta Functions Assistant Professor, Goucher College
Songting Luo Applied Math Professor, Iowa State University
Jeffrey Matayoshi Probability, Random Polynomials unknown
My An Thi Tran Analysis unknown