Inverse Problems are those where from ``external" observations of a hidden, ``black box" system (patient's body, nontransparent industrial object, Earth interior, etc.) one needs to recover the unknown parameters of the system. Such problems lie at the heart of contemporary scientific inquiry and technological development. Applications include a vast variety of medical as well as other (geophysical, industrial, radar, sonar) imaging techniques, locations of oil and mineral deposits in the Earth's interior, creation of astrophysical images from telescope data, finding cracks and interfaces within materials, shape optimization, model identification in growth processes and modeling in the life sciences among others.

The group consists of faculty, postdocs and graduate students at UCI who work in many different aspects of inverse problems and imaging. Their interests cover theoretical analysis, modeling and numerical computations with applications to travel times tomography, inverse scattering, wave propagation in random medium, remote sensing, optical imaging, cloaking and related problems. The Inverse Problem and Imaging seminar (click here for link to Seminar List) is scheduled on Tuesdays 2-3pm.

Contributing Faculty