Mathematics Department Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

The Mathematics Department is committed to supporting and nourishing all of its members. Our goal is to creating a welcoming and inclusive community,  to foster diversity and to engage individuals regardless of their ethnicity, gender, religeous beliefs, sexual orientation, or socio-economic background. We are committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity among our undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, VAPs, lecturers, faculty and staff members.

A committee on Inclusive Excellence has been created, that consists of Natalia Komarova (Chair), Mike Cranston (ex oficio), and the following members: senate faculty: Knut Solna, Patrick Guidotti, Jesse Wolfson, Alessandra Pantano (DECADE mentor), Manny Reyes, Roberto Pelayo; staff: Stacy Mason; VAP: Anna Ma; lecturer:  Neil Donaldson; graduate students: Dong Yan and Jesse Kreger; undergraduate students: Andrea Aguilar and Anthony Meza. 

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