The pursuit of Inclusive Excellence is a central part of the Department of Mathematics’ mission.

As a department and as a community, we affirm and acknowledge the rich commonalities and differences we bring, and the inherent value of all who work and study here. We aspire to create a welcoming and inclusive space, where each person is appreciated for their intrinsic worth, where the rich diversity of our campus and our society is reflected, and where everyone can fully participate and contribute. We recognize that our ability to carry out our scientific and educational mission rests on our ability to realize these values. The Inclusive Excellence Committee is a primary vehicle in all of the department’s efforts to foster these values and to ensure that everyone feels welcome.


The Inclusive Excellence Committee consists of Natalia Komarova (Chair), Mike Cranston (ex officio), and the following members: senate faculty: Paul Carter, Alexandra Florea, Patrick Guidotti, Hamid Hezari, Connor Mooney, Alessandra Pantano (DECADE mentor), Roberto Pelayo; staff: Stephanie Look; VAP: Yutong Sha; lecturer:  Neil Donaldson; graduate students: Hua Lin, Jessica Schirle; undergraduate students: Leticia Fernandez, Jason Ulysses Garcia




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