Degree Forms: How to Submit

Ph.D. degree process: 

Completed Course Work Verified by Department
Qualifying Examinations

2 Ph.D. level passes

Verified by Department
Check Filing Deadlines

Recommended: defend 2 weeks prior to filing deadline to ensure proper processing of paperwork

Grad Division Quarterly

Filing Deadlines 

Submit 1) paperwork and 2) payment for your

 Advancement to Candidacy for the

Ph.D. degree

to the Graduate Division

Note: payment for fee must be submitted at same time as you submit advancement form, otherwise you risk not being approved!

Ph.D. Advancement to Candidacy Form 

Ph.D Advancement Fee ($90)


Check Filing Deadlines

Recommended: defend 2 weeks prior to filing deadline to ensure proper processing of paperwork

Grad Division Quarterly

Filing Deadlines 

Book Defense Date 

Reserve a room reservation (after confirming defense date with your committee) by contacting at least 2 weeks prior to your defense date.

Indicate if you require tech rental/set up. 

Email to properly reserve a room in time for your defense
Submit Final Dissertation Filing Paperwork to Graduate Division

Recommended: submit your paperwork 2 weeks prior to your Grad Division filing deadline to account for any technical challenges in getting signatures from committee/dept. 

Note: Signed paperwork MUST be submitted to Grad Division by the filing date (and signed by all committee/department members at that point)- no exceptions are made by Graduate Division!

Ph.D. Doctoral Dissertation Checklist & Final Degree Paperwork Packet 


DocuSign Process - In what order do I fill the above forms?

  • 1 - Please click on the appropriate Docusign form link
  • 2 - For the Dept Form Preparer — please put your own name/email
  • 3 - Please list the names and emails of all your committee members (only applies to Ph.D. Forms (advancement & final degree) 
  • 4 - For Student — please put your own name/email
  • 5 - For Department Chair/Grad Advisor — please put “Knut Solna” for name and place this email:
  • 6 - For Associate Dean — LEAVE BLANK! 
  • 7- For Department Copy— please put “Dept of Math” for name and place this email:

Once you hit “BEGIN SIGNING,” it will ask you to fill out part of the form (your name, ID no, school/dept). Once you fill that out, it will ask you to hit “FINISH” and it will send to the next person on your list (usually in the order you set your committee members, chair will likely be first).

After it routes through them, it will come back to you as a student, where you might have to sign in the appropriate fields depending on the form (DocuSign will indicate where).

Then, it will route to Vice Chair Solna for signature.

Finally, after all members have signed, it will route automatically to the Grad Division.

*Please make sure you enter all email addresses correctly; if not, your paperwork will get stuck within the Docusign platform


Optional MS degree: 

Step 0:  TWO quarter timeline

The MS request/approval process is a multi-quarter process.  

You will need to plan appropriately (3 quarters in advance) if you need an MS for any potential teaching appointments.

Step 1: Submit Master's Form 1 

The FIRST of 2 required forms. Can be submitted 1 quarter before the MS Math requirements are fully completed.

Note: you do NOT need to advance to Ph.D. candidacy in order to submit Master's Form 1. 


Example: Submit this form in fall quarter.

Master's Advancement to Candidacy, Form 1 (step 1 of 2)

(Grad Division Form Name: "Master's Advancement to Candidacy Comprehensive Exam Option")


Must be completed one quarter BEFORE you want to obtain the MS degree.

Step 2: Submit Master's Form 2

The SECOND of 2 required forms. 

MUST BE SUBMITTED AT LEAST 1 QUARTER AFTER Master's Form 1 was submitted. 

Must complete all Math MS requirements before Master's Form 2 is submitted. 


Example: Submit this no SOONER than winter quarter (after Form 1 was completed and approved by Grad Division in the fall quarter). 

Master's Degree, Form 2 (step 2 of 2)

(Grad Division Form Name: "Final Degree Paperwork for the Master's Degree/Comprehensive Exam")

Must submit this 1 quarter AFTER MA form 1 is completed/approved.




Department Travel Stipend Forms

For grad departmental conference stipend request, please submit: the following form:

For info on policy, read here: Department Travel Stipend Policy 2023-2024