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  1. Enrollment Policy
  2. Repeat Policy
  3. Add/Drop and Waitlist Policy
  4. Calculus Placement Information
  5. Continuing Education UCI Enrollment Policies

1. Enrollment Policy

1) To be fair to EVERYONE, the enrollment process for the Math Department is handled exclusively on-line, through WebReg. Please do not ask your instructor or the department staff to help add you to courses that are full or waitlisted.

2) Not all prerequisites can be coded for enrollment purposes, so on rare occasions you may find that you are able to enroll into courses for which you do not have the proper prerequisites. IT IS THE STUDENT'S OWN RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK THE UCI CATALOGUE TO MAKE SURE THEY MEET ALL MATH COURSE PREREQUISITES BEFORE ENROLLING. The Department runs passive prerequisite checks on lower-division courses before the start of the quarter and reserves the right (without warning or notification), to drop from Math courses any students who do not meet the prerequisites.

3) If you receive a grade of incomplete (IN) in a particular course, this course CANNOT be used to satisfy prerequisites for other courses. For example, if you receive an incomplete (IN) grade in Math 1A, you will not be eligible to take/enroll in Math 1B. 

4) Enrollment in discussion (and lab, where offered) is REQUIRED.  Choose from discussions and labs directly below lecture.

5) Classroom/time changes may still occur. Please continue to check WebSOC for the latest information.

6) Note that you will not have a successful enrollment transaction unless the status of both the lecture and discussion match - in other words, if you are trying to waitlist a course, both the lecture and discussion must have the status "Waitlist". If you are trying to enroll into a class, both the lecture and discussion must have the status "Open." You will not have a successful transaction if one is "Open" and the other "Waitlist", etc.

7) While we strive to run all of our courses listed in the Schedule of Classes, the Department of Mathematics reserves the right to cancel courses at any time. The Department of Mathematics will do our best to inform students of cancelled courses, but ultimately students are responsible for their course schedules and should monitor their schedules regularly for changes to their enrollment. 

8) The Math Department Tutoring Center for all lower division courses will begin the second week of classes.  The location and hours will be announced on our Tutoring page.

9) To enroll in an Undergraduate Research course (Math 199 A-B-C), contact the instructor first, obtain their approval, and then add the course to your Study List. 

10) Graduate students have last priority in enrollment into undergraduate Math courses. Please send an e-mail to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator at mathinfo@math.uci.edu to indicate your interest in the course.

11) Students MUST attend the discussion section in which they are enrolled. Due to full classes and Fire Marshal rules, students are not allowed to be enrolled in one discussion while attending another.  

12) The Math Department and the instructor are not able to assist students in switching from one discussion section into another section that is full or waitlisted. All such transactions must be completed by the student at their own risk, through WebReg.

13) We are unable to assist students in getting back into courses that they accidentally dropped or were dropped out of by the Registrar due to unpaid fees.

14) Whether or not you meet a prerequisite for a Math course is based on your most recent grade in the prerequisite course, not the highest. For example, if you took Math 2A and received a C- and then in a later quarter you re-took it and received an F, the Math Department, for the purposes of going on to Math 2B, will not recognize that you have met the prerequisite for Math 2B.


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2. Repeat Policy

You will not have access to lower-division Math courses you wish to repeat when your enrollment window opens. If you wish to repeat a course, you will be able to enroll a few days after the 2nd Open Enrollment Session begins (date varies each quarter; check WebSOC Math comments for exact date), as space permits. An alternative is to retake the class in Summer Session.

For Additional Undergraduate Enrollment Questions, contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator at mathinfo@math.uci.edu

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3. Add/Drop and Waitlist Policy

The Math Department will follow the same policy as the School of Physical Sciences, namely:

DROP: The deadline to drop courses, without approval, in the School of Physical Sciences is Friday of Week 2 by 5:00PM. Drops can be made in WebReg.

After Week 2, you may petition to drop a course via the Enrollment Exception process in Student Access if you have a valid, documented emergency which prevented you from dropping the course by the deadline published in the Registrar calendar. Emergencies include severe illness, death in immediate family, car accident, etc. You must be able to provide proof upon request documenting this emergency in a timely manner. If you petition to drop one course, you must clearly explain how this extenuating circumstance impacts only one course and not all courses.

Requests will be denied if submitted for the following reasons:

  • You did not know the deadlines, did not understand the drop process, or forgot to drop the course.
  • The course is not required to meet Major, School, or University requirements.
  • You are no longer pursuing a certain major and do not need this course.
  • You did not meet the proper prerequisites for the course.
  • You are doing poorly in the course because of difficulties with the course material.
  • You are doing poorly in the course because of a heavy course/work load.
  • You are doing poorly in the course because you failed to attend.
  • You are having difficulty understanding the instructor or teaching assistant.
  • You are no longer able to attend the remainder of the class or final exam because something has come up.
  • The severe illness affects someone other than you, your spouse or domestic partner, or your child.

Enrollment exception requests to drop a course will only be considered for extenuating and documented circumstances outside of the student’s control. Approval is not guaranteed. It is therefore important to continue attending class meetings and submitting assignments until your request is fully processed.

It is your responsibility to log into Student Access and check the status of your Enrollment Exception.  The Department of Mathematics will not email students directly.

CHANGE: The deadline to change grade option or variable units is the end of Week 2 by 5:00PM. Changes can be made in WebReg.

ADD: The deadline to add courses in the School of Physical Sciences is the end of Week 2 by 5:00PM. Adds can be made in WebReg.


If you have any questions regarding your enrollment exception request(s), please email all inquiries to mathinfo@math.uci.edu

After Week 2 we will not allow any adds to Math courses, no exceptions. Please do NOT waste your $3 by requesting an add that will be automatically denied.

We will not approve requests to switch sections at ANY TIME. You will need to complete all such enrollment transactions, on your own, through WebReg, within the first two weeks of the quarter. Please do NOT waste your $3 by requesting a section switch that will be automatically denied.

At the end of Week 2, the Registrar's Office will de-activate the waitlist.

More Information about the Registrar's new enrollment exception procedures can be found here:


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4. Calculus Placement Information

For information about placement in Math 1A, 1B, 2A or 2B please visit:

UCI Academic Testing Center - Calculus Placement

Students are eligible to enroll in the class they placed into once their course placement results have been officially placed on their transcripts. We recommend students take the Calculus Placement Exam as soon as possible to allow for plenty of time for the scores to be placed onto transcripts.

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5. UCI Division of Continuing Education-Concurrent Enrollment Policies

Students that are not formally admitted to the University may enroll in UCI courses via Concurrent Enrollment.

Requests for enrollment must be submitted via the Concurrent Enrollment website: https://ce.uci.edu/courses/concurrent/registration.aspx

Questions? Contact the Undergraduate Program Coordinator at mathinfo@math.uci.edu.


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