Mathematics Graduate Course Offerings

2023-2024 Academic Year

 Course Title Fall Winter Spring
205ABC Introduction to Graduate Analysis F W S
210ABC Real Analysis F W S
211ABC Topics in Analysis      
218ABC Introduction to Manifolds and Geometry F W S
220ABC Analytic Function Theory F W S
222ABC Complex Variables & Geometry      
225ABC Introduction to Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing      
226ABC Computational Differential Equations F W S
227ABC Mathematical & Computational Biology F W S
228 Topics in Appl Math   W  
230ABC Algebra F W S
232ABC Algebraic Number Theory F W S
233ABC Algebraic Geometry      
234ABC Topic in Algebra   W S
239A Analytic Methods in Arithmetic Geometry      
240ABC Differential Geometry      
245ABC Topics in Differential Geometry F W S
250ABC Algebraic Topology F W S
260ABC Functional Analysis F W S
270ABC Probability F W S
271ABC Stochastic Process      
274ABC Topics in Probability     S
280ABC Mathematical Logic      
281ABC Set Theory      
282ABC Model Theory F W S
285ABC Topics in Mathematical Logic      
290ABC Methods in Applied Mathematics F W S
295ABC Partial Differential Equations F W S
296 Topics in PDE     S

All courses require sufficient enrollment and are subject to cancellation at any time.