This section of the website contains information about our undergraduate courses and about the Mathematics major at UCI. Browsing it you can find the following information under these headings:

Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs)

Here is the link of the PLOs required by WASC

Undergraduate Courses

Calculus 2A/2B Resources; Course registration and placement information; Course descriptions; Sample course syllabi; 2020-2021 proposed upper-division course offerings; Undergraduate enrollment procedures and policies; Schedule of classes; Tutoring.  

Calculus and Precalculus Student Enrollment Guide

Calculus and Precalculus Enrollment Guide

Math Majors

Math major and math minor requirements; Concentrations and specializations; Math honors program; Resources for undergraduate research, careers and graduate school.


For questions related to Academic and Class Enrollment Advising please contact the Math Department Undergraduate Program Coordinator or the Physical Sciences Student Affairs Office. 

The Math Department Undergraduate Program Coordinator can assist you with addressing specific class enrollment issues (i.e. adds, drops, and waitlists) and instructor issues, answering textbook and course content questions, and obtaining applications for the various specializations, the concentration, and the Honors Program.

The Physical Sciences Student Affairs Office handles academic advising services for all Physical Sciences students, including Math majors. They can assist with course planning and can answer questions about degree requirements and academic policies and procedures. See their website at 

Mathematics Undergraduate Program Coordinator Contact Information

Rowland Hall 419         

Mathematics Undergraduate Vice Chair - Curriculum and Planning

Professor Chris Davis

Mathematics Undergraduate Vice Chair - Engagement and Advising

Professor Yifeng Yu

Physical Sciences Student Affairs Office Contact Information

 Rowland Hall 134
 Phone: (949) 824-6507          
 Walk-in Counseling Hours: M-F 9AM - 4PM