Deadlines are published each quarter in the Schedule of Classes. General registration at UCI consists of two separate steps:

  • Enrollment in classes via WebReg.
  • Payment of Fees.

To avoid late charges, be sure you are registered by the end of the second week of classes.

Graduate students can enroll in classes via WebReg during the regular enrollment period, or by processing an add/drop/change card at the Registrars office before the end of the second week of classes or a late enrollment service charge of $50.00 is assessed. Those students receiving fee or tuition credits either from a fellowship or academic appointment will see this reflected on their ZotBill. If you believe you should be receiving fee credits and you do not see these adjustments, contact the Graduate Advisor Officer as soon as possible for follow up, so that the proper adjustments can be made before the fee payment deadline. For tuition and fee amounts and for further details, see the Schedule of Classes, available each quarter.


Fees and Expenses

Fees for each quarter are due and payable in advance and within deadlines published in the Schedule of Classes. A student will not be officially enrolled in classes or receive any University benefits until fees are paid in full. For tuition and fees amounts see here.


Full-Time Study

Full-time study is defined as enrollment in at least 12 units of upper-division or graduate academic credit per quarter, including credit for supervised research or teaching. The Graduate Affairs Officer must approve course loads in excess of 16 units in advance.  Students must enroll in (3) math courses per quarter, with concentration on the PhD advancement to candidacy requirements;  (2) complete series inside the chosen area and  (2) complete series outside their chosen area.  It is expected that course requirements are satisfied prior to advancement to Ph.D candidacy in order for the student to focus on research with their advisor.


Fees for Part-Time Status

Graduate students (MS only) on approved part-time status (enrollment in eight units or less per quarter, including physical education units) pay the full University Registration Fee and one-half the Educational Fee paid by students on full-time status. Part-Time status is open to Masters’ students only. Those part-time students who have been determined to be nonresidents of the State of California are assessed one-half the Nonresident Tuition, in addition to the full Registration Fee and one-half the Educational Fee. Students seeking part-time status must obtain the approval from the home department and the Graduate Dean. Part-time status can be granted only for reasons of occupation, health, or family responsibilities. Ordinarily, graduate students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents are not eligible for part-time status because of Federal regulations governing student visa status. International students should contact the International Services Office for further information. Part-time status lapses at the end of each academic year; therefore, a student must reapply each year that part-time status is desired.


Miscellaneous Fees

  • Application Fee $105.00 US - $125.00 Foreign Applicants
  • Advancement to Candidacy for Ph.D. $ 90.00
  • Filing Fee $162.00


Residency Requirements

If you have questions regarding the residence requirement for tuition purposes, you need to contact the Residence Deputy, Registrar's Office, 215 Administration Building, University of California, 92697-4975; telephone (949) 824-6129.

No other University personnel are authorized to supply information relative to residence requirements for tuition purposes. Any student, following a final decision on residence classification by the Residence Deputy, may make written appeal to the Legal Analyst Residence Matters (300 Lakeside Drive, 7th Floor), University of California, Oakland, California 94612-3565 within 90 days after notification of the final decision by the Residence Deputy.

English Proficiency

The Mathematics Department expects International and U.S. Permanent Resident graduate students who's primary or dominant language is not English to pass a Test of Spoken English by the 3rd year of admission.   The Mathematics Department will not support students after the end of the 3rd year, who do not satisfy this requirement and all academic requirements.   Students will be responsible to obtain their own support after this period of time.

Important Deadlines

Filing deadlines for MS Advancement, final degree paperwork and Fililng deadlines for PhD advancement and final degree paperwork can be located on the Graduate Division website.

Dissertation/Thesis deadlines are Friday of the eighth week of classes for each quarter. However, those students who complete all requirements and submit thesis’s and dissertations after the end of the eighth week of classes and prior to the start of the subsequent quarter will earn a degree the following quarter, but will not be required to pay fees for that quarter. Please note that in order to avoid payment of fees, manuscripts, all forms, and degree paperwork must be submitted prior to the first day of the quarter in which the degree is to be earned.

Satisfactory Progress

For a graduate student, only the grades A+, A, A-, B+, B, and S represent satisfactory progress. A graduate student is expected to make satisfactory progress toward an approved academic objective, as defined by the faculty of the program in accordance with policies of the Graduate Council, and to maintain a satisfactory grade point average for all work undertaken while enrolled in graduate study. Satisfactory progress is determined on the basis of both the recent academic record and overall performance. A graduate student normally is expected to complete satisfactorily at least eight units of academic credit applicable to the graduate program in each regular academic session and satisfy all requirements of the academic program according to an approved schedule. A grade point average below the B level (3.0) is not satisfactory, and a student whose grade point average is below that level is subject to academic disqualification. You must maintain a 3.1 GPA to be appointed as a Teaching Assistant. The GPA is calculated over the last (3) most recent quarters.

Academic Conditional Status

Events Triggering Automatic Placement on Academic Conditional Status

  • A graduate student’s grade point average for any term is less than 3.0, calculated on all of the letter graded upper division and graduate courses completed while registered as a graduate student at the University of California.
  • A graduate student’s cumulative grade point average is less than 3.0, calculated on all of the letter graded upper division and graduate courses completed while registered as a graduate student at the University of California.
  • A graduate student earns a grade of B- or lower in a course.
  • A graduate student accumulates a combination of more than eight units of “I,” “U,” and/or “F” grades in total.

Events That May Lead to Placement on Academic Conditional Status at the Discretion of the Associate Dean

  • Failure to make satisfactory progress in research or coursework (e.g. failing a comprehensive/prelim exam, not advancing to candidacy, not passing a language requirement, or other program requirements).
  • Failure to complete the degree within the approved maximum time.
  • Unsatisfactory progress towards the degree as determined by the student's faculty advisor, committee, or academic unit.

Notice of Placement on Academic Conditional Status

At the time of placement on Academic Conditional Status, graduate programs must provide students with written notification. This letter must provide specific information on areas that require improvement, provide an outline and a timeline for future expectations of academic progress, and set meeting dates to maintain continuity in advisement. The purpose of the notice of potential unsatisfactory progress is to provide the student with a period of time (usually at least one academic quarter) in which to make necessary improvements in their academic status and successfully complete their graduate study.


Graduate Student Associations

All graduate and medical students are members of the Associated Graduate Students (AGS). The purpose of AGS is to promote and provide for the distinct needs and priorities of graduate students. AGS representatives can be reached at (949) 824-6351. AGS functions as a liaison between graduate students and the UCI administration, faculty, and staff by addressing concerns and working to resolve grievances. AGS provides graduate students with numerous student-operated services. It publishes ‘AGS Scope’ to inform graduate students of relevant issues on campus and elsewhere; maintains a referral service for teaching assistants; and provides funding for special projects.

These funds are allocated on a rolling basis to petitioning clubs and organizations on campus. For more information, telephone the Vice President-Financial Affairs at (949) 824-2405.

Graduate Program Policies

The complete Mathematics Graduate Program Handbook is in the process of being updated.  Additional forms and announcements for current students can be found HERE.

Graduate Travel & Research Funds

The department supports the opportunity for active PhD students, in good standing, to travel as part of their academic and research endeavors.

During the fiscal year, from July 1st to June 30th, graduate students may request reimbursement for business-related travel (non-taxable, non-reportable) of up to $500.00 per year, with an academic career maximum of $1,500.00.

Steps for Travel Reimbursement:

  1. Gather all supporting documentation including receipts and proof of affiliation with the event you are requesting reimbursement for. 

  2. Submit a request through the Grad Reimbursement Submission System: 

  3. Processing can take up to two weeks.


UCI is very proud of the various housing options, which are available to graduate students and those with families. Housing applications require a $20.00 non-refundable processing fee.

Students applying for housing should apply as early as possible as there is currently a waiting list of at least a year and a half for graduate student housing.


Phone: (949) 824-7247