Members of the Applied and Computational Math group span a wide spectrum of interests and expertise. Their common interest is to utilize various mathematical tools such as analysis, modeling and computation to address problems in science, engineering and other applications. Our weekly seminars (Applied & Computational Mathematics and Nonlinear PDE) meet on Monday 4pm and Thursday 3pm, respectively.

Contributing Faculty

Current research interest of the group

  • Evolution of Languages (Komarova)
  • Finite Element Method (Chen)
  • Fluid Dynamics and Free Boundary Problems (Guidotti, Lowengrub, Nie, Xin, Yu, Zhao)
  • Materials (Figotin, Lowengrub)
  • Mathematical and Computational Biology (Allard, Enciso, Komarova, Lowengrub, Nie, Wan)
  • Mathematical and Computational Finance (Solna, Xin)
  • Multiscale Modeling and Simulation (Chen, Lowengrub, Solna, Xin, Yu, Zhao)
  • Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations (Guidotti, Xin, Yu, Zhao)
  • Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing (Chen, Lowengrub, Nie, Xin, Zhao)
  • Optimization, Data Science and Computing (Chen, Guidotti, Vershynin, Solna, Xin)