Concentrations and Specializations

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For detailed information about the Math Major Concentrations & Specializations, please see the UCI Catalogue here.

Mathematics Major Concentration/Specialization Application Form

Directions: Fill out both sides of the application Arrange for an interview with the respective concentration/specialization advisor, obtain advisor’s signature, return the completed form to School of Physical Sciences Student Affairs Office (Rowland Hall 134).

There are several concentrations within the Mathematics major:

  • Data Science
  • Mathematical Finance
  • Math for Education / Secondary Teaching Certification
  • Applied & Computational Mathematics
  • Mathematical Biology



Data Science integrates mathematical, computational and statistical reasoning to extract knowledge and insights from a variety of data. Data scientists develop mathematical models and theories, computational tools and statistical methods for exploring, analyzing and making predictions from data in context. The interdisciplinary concentration in Data Science offers training in theory and applications of the core pillars of data science: mathematics, statistics, and computer science.

Meeting with the faculty advisor is by appointment.  Schedule an appointment using this link.

Faculty Advisor: Roman Vershynin
Office: RH 540D



Mathematical Finance is designed for students with a strong interest in mathematics who would like to use their mathematical background to obtain a solid foundation in the fundamentals of modern financial mathematics. This program will prepare students for a variety of options after graduation, including direct employment in the business world, entry into an MBA program, or advanced graduate education in either economics or in mathematics.

Admission to this concentration requires approval in advance by the Mathematics Department. The admissions process begins with completing a form at the Department office Rowland Hall 340 and includes an interview with the Department’s advisor for the concentration. This approval should be applied for after the student has completed ECON 20A-ECON 20B and sometime between spring quarter of the sophomore year and the end of the junior year.  Be aware that some of the math and economics courses required for this concentration must be taken before the beginning of your junior year.

Students should email Mike Vo ( to schedule an interview with the faculty advisor.

Faculty Advisor: Jeff Ludwig
Office: RH 540H



The Specialization in Mathematics for Education focuses on courses that are especially useful for prospective Mathematics teachers. A CCTC-approved subject matter program (SMP) in Mathematics can be easily satisfied in tandem with this specialization, enabling students to waive a subject matter exam for teachers (see here). Also, see the CalTeach website.

The Concentration in Mathematics for Education / Secondary Teaching Certification allows students pursuing the B.S. in Mathematics to earn a bachelor's degree and to complete the required course work and field experience for a California Preliminary Single Subject Teaching Credential at the same time. Also, see the CalTeach website.

Faculty Advisors: Alessandra Pantano and Zhiqin Lu
Office: RH 440B and 410D



The Specialization in Applied and Computational Mathematics is designed for students with a strong interest in mathematics and in mathematical applications to areas of science and engineering. By choosing elective courses carefully, students completing this specialization will be prepared for a career in a variety of computing and/or engineering areas. Students will also be prepared to seek a Master's degree in one of these areas or to continue on to a graduate program in Applied Mathematics.

Faculty Advisor: Long Chen
Office: RH 510F



The Specialization in Mathematical Biology is designed for students with an interest in mathematics and computation applied to biological systems. This specialization is designed to prepare students for the many careers involving mathematical and physical modeling of biological systems. Students will also be prepared for graduate work in mathematical and systems biology.

Faculty advisor: German Enciso Ruiz
Office: RH 440E