Master of Science in Mathematics

The Master's program serves a dual purpose.  For some students it will be a terminal program of mathematics education; for others it will lead to study and research at the doctoral level.  To earn the Master of Science degree, the student must: (1) satisfy course and (2) residency requirements, and (3) achieve two passes at the M.S. level among four exams in Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Algebra or Applied Mathematics.

To satisfy the exam requirements, students are required to take qualifying exams in Real Analysis, Complex Analysis, Algebra or Applied Mathematics, which are offered in June and September or each year. Students must pass two exams by the end of their first year, and they may not attempt to pass an exam in any particular area more than three times.

First year students are expected to take either Math 205 or Math 210; specific recommendation will be determined by assessment prior to the start of the students' first year by the Vice Chair of Graduate Studies, upon consultation with the Graduate Studies Committee. The students may pass the Comprehensive Exam in Analysis in lieu of achieving an M.S. pass in one of the qualifying exams that must be obtained prior to the start of their second year. 

The total number of required courses for the M.S. degree is 12, completed with satisfactory performance (B or better).   Students are required to complete at least one series of the following courses: Mathematics 210A-B-C, 220A-B-C, or 230A-B-C.  At most, one undergraduate course may count as an elective course, provided it is sponsored by rank faculty and approved by the Graduate Advisor.  At most, one elective course (of at least three units) is allowed outside the Department.

Students who fail to pass the required examinations within the period specified will be recommended for academic disqualification.

MATH 199, 297, 298, 299, and 399 may not be used to fulfill course requirements.

The residency requirement ordinarily is satisfied by full-time enrollment for three quarters immediately preceding the award of the M.S. degree.  When appropriate, a leave of absence may be granted between matriculation and the final quarters of study.

In order to confer the MS degree, one must advance to candidacy at the MS level, prior to the quarter in which they plan to graduate. If the candidate is not advanced before the beginning of the quarter in which all requirements are completed, the degree will not be conferred until the end of the following quarter.  Deadlines for submission of the Application for Advancement to Candidacy are published on the Graduate Division website, where filing fees and deadlines may also be found.

Master’s Exit Survey

o   All students earning a master’s degree whether comprehensive exam or thesis are now required to complete a master’s exit survey.  For those earning the MS degree via the comprehensive exam, the department will attach the verification of the exit survey to the final degree paperwork when submit to the Graduate Division.

Please note, only students earning a terminal master’s degree will complete the exit survey and receive e-mail confirmation to submit.  Doctoral students earning a master’s degree while working toward to the PhD will need to initially sign in to the master’s exit survey; however, they will not be required to actually complete the survey.  Instead, they will get a message on the screen saying they do not have to take the survey at this time; please print and submit to the Graduate Coordinator in order to be submitted with the MS final degree paperwork.  

Students whose degree objective is the PhD will only be required to take the doctoral exit survey, at the time they earn the doctoral degree.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not submit the MS exit survey at the time of advancement, it is submitted with the MS conferral paperwork.  You will be notified by the Graduate Coordinator when to submit the exit survey.

The Department of Education will not offer the MAT/Teacher Credential Program beginning 2016.  They will offer MAT + Credential.  MS Math Students who are interested in pursuing a teaching credential at UCI will need to formally apply to the MAT program and begin taking courses during the first summer session. 

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