The Honors Program in Mathematics is designed for students contemplating graduate work in mathematics. The program is open to junior and senior Mathematics majors who meet the minimum academic qualifications of a 3.5 GPA in Mathematics courses and a 3.2 GPA overall. It is highly recommended that students meet with the Honor’s advisor by the beginning of their junior year to begin planning courses. Students should officially apply for the Honors Program no later than the fall quarter of their senior year. Recognition for completing the program is conferred upon graduation.

NOTE: These requirements are in addition to the math major requirements or requirements for any specialization/concentration. However, MATH H120A-MATH H120B-MATH H120C may be used to satisfy upper-division electives or taken in place of MATH 120A-MATH 120B-MATH 120C and MATH 121A-MATH 121B.  Similarly, MATH H140A-MATH H140B-MATH H140C may be used to satisfy upper-division electives or taken in place of MATH 140A-MATH 140B-MATH 140C and MATH 141.

Participants must meet the following requirements:

A. Complete the requirements for the major in Mathematics (in any one of its tracks)

B. Complete Math 120B and 121B

C. Complete one of the following series:

MATH H140A- H140B- H140C - Honors Introduction to Graduate Analysis I, II, III 


MATH H120A- H120B- H120C - Honors Introduction to Graduate Algebra I, II, III


(MATH 120C or MATH 140C) and MATH 134A - MATH 134B


(MATH 120C or MATH 140C) and MATH 180A- MATH 180B


(MATH 120C or MATH 140C) and MATH 113A-MATH 113B


(MATH 120C or MATH 140C) and MATH 162A-MATH 162B

D. Complete one quarter of Honors Seminar Math H195 or one quarter of Math 199.

In order to prepare for independent study/independent research, it is highly recommended that students take at least one course sequence in the field they are interested in studying. The following list contains the major mathematical disciplines and the course work suggested for completion prior to doing independent study in that field:

  • Applied Mathematics: MATH 117 and MATH 118
  • Algebra: MATH 120A-MATH 120B-MATH 120C
  • Probability and Statistics: MATH 130A-MATH 130B-MATH 130C
  • Analysis: MATH 140A-MATH 140B-MATH 140C
  • Logic: MATH 150 and MATH 151
  • Geometry: MATH 162A-MATH 162B
  • Number Theory: MATH 180A-MATH 180B

If all requirements are completed and the student’s work and final GPA satisfies the program restrictions, the student will graduate with Honors in Mathematics, and this distinction is noted on the transcript.

**To apply for the Mathematics Honors' Program, please download the application below, complete the application and then make an appointment with the Honors' Program advisor, Professor Jeff Ludwig (