Professor Mike Yan


UC Davis


Tuesday, November 13, 2007 - 9:00am


MSTB 254

Imaging of obscured targets in random media is a difficult and important problem. One of the central questions is that of stability which is particularly relevant to imaging in stochastic media. The main goal of the research is to develop a general criterion for multiple-frequency array imaging of multiple targets in stochastic media. An important feature of the cluttered media we considered here is that the coherent or mean signals do not vanish. It is called Rician fading medium in communication. Foldy-Lax formulas are used to simulate the exact wave propagations in the random media. In the talk, I will propose two models: passive array model and active array model. Then the stabilities of the imaging function with multiple point targets are given in both cases, followed by the numerical simulations to show the consistency with the analysis. If time permits, I will give some preliminary results about the stability conditions of the multiple extended targets, as well as the simulations.