03/23/2021 - 6:27pm

The UCI Math Department strongly condemns the escalating violence against Asians, Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) in this country and abroad, and we are outraged and saddened by the murders of Daoyou Feng 冯道友, Hyun Jung Grant [김]현정, Sun Cha Kim 김선자, Paul Andre Michels, Soon Chung Park 박순정, Xiaojie Tan 谭小洁, Delaina Ashley Yaun, and Yong Ae Yue 유영애.  These murders and this violence are not isolated events, but are the current manifestation of centuries of racist and gendered violence against AAPI people in the United States. The UCI Math Department strongly condemns the misinformation and specifically racist anti-Chinese speech coming out of the Covid-19 pandemic.  We support the many people demonstrating against anti-Asian racism, and we recognize this as part of a broader struggle against white supremacist, patriarchal violence in the US and around the world. The Math Department’s Committee on Inclusive Excellence continues to work to find concrete ways to dismantle anti-Asian racism and other racisms in mathematics at the undergraduate, graduate and professional level.  We express our deep sympathy and condolences to the families of those killed in Atlanta and to all those affected by the rising wave of anti-AAPI violence.  We encourage all members of our community to learn more about ways to support the AAPI community against violence and hate:


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