Joe Neeman


UT Austin


Monday, November 29, 2021 - 12:00pm


Zoom ID 989 6529 0738. Passcode: the last four digits of the zoom ID in the reverse order

Take a uniformly random graph with a fixed edge density e. Its triangle density will typically be about e^3, and we are interested in the large deviations behavior: what's the probability that the triangle density is about e^3 - delta? The general theory for this sort of problem was studied by Chatterjee-Varadhan and Dembo-Lubetzky, who showed that the solution can be written in terms of an optimization over certain integral kernels. This optimization is difficult to solve explicitly, but Kenyon, Radin, Ren and Sadun used numerics to come up with a fascinating and intricate set of conjectures regarding both the probabilities and the structures of the conditioned random graphs. We prove these conjectures in a small region of the parameter space.


Joint work with Charles Radin and Lorenzo Sadun