The UCI Mathematics Department offers a single common final exam for all students taking Math 2A, and likewise for all students taking Math 2B. We are using this common final exam for several reasons, including:

The common final helps ensure that all students are taught and are responsible for material at the same level of rigor and are similarly prepared for subsequent math courses.

The common final helps unify grading across different sections of courses, ensuring a fairer grading system for all students, not dependent on particular section enrollment.

The common final helps the math department assess and redesign the Calculus courses to help aid student learning.

The common final exam in Summer Session 2, 2019 will be given on Wednesday September 11th, 5 - 7 pm. The location of the exam will be announced on WebSOC later in the quarter. From the student perspective, this final exam is just like any other final exam; the only difference is that all sections will have their exam on the same day, at the same time. Since all sections will be asked to take the same final exam at the same time, there is a single make-up exam policy for all students.

Make-up Final Exam Policy/Procedures:

It is expected that students will make every effort to take their final exam at the scheduled time. However, requests for make-up final exams will be considered under the following guidelines:

Non-emergency requests for a make-up exam should be made before Friday August 23rd (week 3) using the linked MAKE-UP REQUEST FORM (also available in-person in the Mathematics Department Office, Rowland Hall 340). Students should complete this form with accompanying documentation and return it to Rowland Hall 340. Your request will be reviewed by the department and you will be notified via email of the outcome. The following are typical reasons for non-emergency requests. In all cases, the petition for the make-up final exam must be presented with verifiable evidence. Vacation plans and stress will not constitute a legitimate excuse.

·       A student will be granted a make-up if the Wednesday final exam time violates the student’s religious creed.

·       A student may be granted a make-up exam at the discretion of the department if the exam time would result in loss of wages constituting a financial hardship, need for child care resulting in financial hardship, inability to procure transportation or loss of employment.

·       A student will be granted a make-up if they are enrolled in Math 2B at the same time they are re-taking Math 2A for a higher grade.

After Week 3, all requests for a make-up should be directed to a students' course instructor. It is expected that students make any non-emergency request before week 3 using the make-up request form. A student may be granted a make-up exam at the discretion of their instructor if there is a verifiable emergency preventing them from taking the final examination at the scheduled time. Such emergencies include, but are not limited to, serious illness, the death of an immediate family member, or serious accident.DSC

DSC students: During Fall, Winter, and Spring, students registered with the Disability Services Center (DSC) will be taking the exam at the DSC at the same time as the regular exam. This will be arranged automatically: students need take no action. Any DSC student who requires a make-up exam should request this directly from the DSC, as only they have the ability to proctor an exam in accordance with each student's particular dispensation.

During the Summer, all DSC students will have to request a make-up exam using the above form (all such requests will be approved.)