Detailed information about the Mathematics major can be found in the UCI Catalog, which should be consulted before making any course planning decisions. Here we merely present an overview.

The Department of Mathematics offers the Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. Within this degree program there are available six different tracks:

  • The Mathematics (pure) major

  • The Concentration in Mathematical Finance

  • The Specialization in Applied and Computational Mathematics

  • The Specialization in Mathematical Biology

  • The Specialization in Mathematics for Education

  • The Concentration in Mathematics for Education/Secondary Teaching Certification

A concentration involves interdisciplinary study; a specialization designates a focus within the departmental major. Both are noted on the student's transcript, but not on the diploma. 

An interview with a faculty advisor is required.

The lower-division requirements are essentially the same for all the tracks.

Please follow this link for more information and application form:

Core Requirements for All Math Majors

I. Lower-Division Math Requirements 

  •    Math 2A-B (Single-Variable Calculus)
  •    Math 2D or H2D (Multivariable Calculus)
  •    Math 3A (Linear Algebra)
  •    Math 3D (Differential Equations)
  •    Math 13 (Intro to Abstract Math)

II. Lower-Division Science and Computer Requirement

  • One year of Physics 2/7 or Chem 1
  • One quarter of computer science

III. Upper-Division Math Requirements

  • Math 120A (Intro to Abstract Algebra)
  • Math 121A (Linear Algebra)
  • Math 130A (Probability and Stochastic Processes)
  • Math 140A-B (Elementary Analysis)

For more information about the Math Major requirements,
please see the
UCI Catalogue here.