High school students

In addition to the University's subject requirements for admission, it is recommended students take a half-year of trigonometry and a pre-calculus course. Physics also is strongly recommended because many important applications of mathematics are related to physics.

Specific information on Advanced Placement credit may be obtained in the UCI General Catalogue. You can find more admissions information here.


Transfer students

Go to the Transfer Admission, Selection, and Preparation page on the Admissions website for more information on transfer admissions.

If you plan to transfer to UCI in your junior year and major in Mathematics, try to take the courses listed below. Completing them prior to transfer will strengthen your preparation, allow you to keep pace with junior-level UCI students, enable you to enroll in the upper- division courses you will need at UCI, and assist you in earning your bachelor's degree in a timely manner.

*One year of calculus (Calc I and II)

*One year of vector calculus (Calc III)

*Linear algebra/differential equations (either 2 courses or 1 combined course)

*One year of fundamental (calculus-based) physics or general chemistry

*All courses required to complete IGETC (if transferring from a CA community college)

*One course in either computer science or computational methods, including exposure to a programming language

To ensure that you are enrolled in the appropriate courses, work closely with your college counselor or counselors in the Physical Sciences Student Affairs office. California community college students are strongly encouraged to refer to Assist.org. Also check out UCI's transfer counseling service here.

For math major-specific information, please contact

Academic Counselor
Physical Sciences Student Affairs
School of Physical Sciences
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA 92697
Telephone: (949) 824-6507

Email: pssazot@uci.edu

Mathematics Undergraduate Vice Chair - Curriculum and Planning

Professor Roberto Pelayo
E-mail: rcpelayo@uci.edu

Mathematics Undergraduate Vice Chair - Engagement and Advising

Professor Alessandra Pantano
E-mail: apantano@uci.edu