Empower your mind: Become a math major!

Studying mathematics will enhance your creativity, augment your critical thinking skills and boost your problem solving capabilities. As a result, you will be more marketable and more competitive in the workforce!

Top 7 reasons to major in math at UCI

  • Mathematics, if rightly viewed, possesses not only truth, but supreme beauty (Bertrand Russell)
  • Mathematical training enhances the life and capabilities of every intellectually curious student
  • A math degree provides many career opportunities in a number of fields
  • You will have 4 ways to tailor your math degree, with concentrations and specializations
  • You will study with award winning faculty in a highly rated department
  • You will be offered numerous opportunities for undergraduate research
  • You can take advantage of a unique CalTeach program to earn a bachelor’s degree and teaching credentials, all in 4 years!

Top 7 opportunities for math majors at UCI

  • Honors Program in Mathematics and Campuswide Honors Program
  • UROP (Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program)
  • iCAMP (Interdisciplinary Computational Applied Mathematics  Program)
  • MCBU  (Mathematical and Computational Biology for Undergraduates program)
  • The Anteaters Undergraduate Mathematics Club
  • The Problem Solving Seminar, to prepare for the Putnam Competition
  • A free walk-in Tutoring Center for lower-division math courses

(last updated: 9/24/2019)