09/11/2012 - 12:00am

The UC Irvine Department of Mathematics has been awarded a highly competitive Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need grant.  The GAANN program provides "fellowships through academic departments of institutions of higher education to assist graduate students of superior ability who demonstrate financial need and plan to pursue the highest degree available in their course of study at the institution."

The award period is from August 16, 2012 through August 15, 2015, and is for $800,000 divided over the three-year period. This will provide six full GAANN Fellowships, which includes tuition and fee support as well as a stipend, for supported students.

The Department of Mathematics received a perfect score on the Technical Review.  Reviewers identified numerous strengths of the program, including the Department's highly decorated faculty, current national ranking, and the Teaching Assistant training and evaluation program.

Please visit the School of Physical Sciences announcement, available here, for additional information.