Benedict Gross


Harvard University


Tuesday, February 17, 2009 - 2:00pm


RH 306

Let k be a local field, and let K be a separable quadratic field extension of k. It is known that an irreducible complex representation π_1 of the unitary group G_1 = U_n(k) has a multiplicity free restriction to the subgroup G_2 = U{n−1}(k) fixing a non-isotropic line in the corresponding Hermitian space over K. More precisely, if π_2 is an irreducible representation of G_2 , then π = π_1 ⊗ π_2 is an irreducible representation of the product G = G_1 G_2 which we can restrict to the subgroup H = G_2 , diagonally embedded in G. The space of H-invariant linear forms on π has dimension ≤ 1.

In this talk, I will use the local Langlands correspondence and some number theoretic invariants of the Langlands parameter of π to predict when the dimension of H-invariant forms is equal to 1, i.e. when the dual of π_2 occurs in the restriction of π_1 . I will also illustrate this prediction with several examples, including the classical branching formula for representations of compact unitary groups. This is joint work with Wee Teck Gan and Dipendra Prasad.