Yifeng Huang




Tuesday, September 27, 2022 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm


RH 306

I will investigate certain matrix enumeration problems over a finite field, guided by the phenomenon that many such problems tend to have a generating function with a nice factorization. I then give a uniform and geometric explanation of the phenomenon that works in many cases, using the statistics of finite-length modules (or coherent sheaves) studied by Cohen and Lenstra. However, my recent work on counting pairs of matrices of the form AB=BA=0 (arXiv: 2110.15566) and AB=uBA for a root of unity u (arXiv: 2110.15570), through purely combinatorial methods, gives examples where the phenomenon still holds true in the absence of the above explanation. Time permitting, I will talk about a partial progress on the system of equations AB=BA, A^2=B^3 in a joint work with Ruofan Jiang. In particular, it verifies a pattern that I previously conjectured in an attempt to explain the phenomenon in the AB=BA=0 case geometrically.