08/29/2023 - 9:14am

We are elated to announce that two of our faculty members, Hamid Hezari and Svetlana Jitomirskaya, have been honored with the prestigious "Frontiers of Science Awards" presented by the International Congress for Basic Science (ICBS). This accolade recognizes exceptional research that emphasizes notable achievements from the past five years which are not only excellent but also carry significant scholarly value. For this year's selection, ICBS evaluated works across 34 areas in three fundamental fields of science, including mathematics, theoretical physics, and theoretical computer and information sciences. To be considered for this award, a scientific contribution needs to have been published within the last five years, must stand out in terms of scientific value, originality, and its impact on its respective field, and must also have been critically evaluated and accepted by experts within its domain. Our hearty congratulations to Hamid and Lana for this monumental recognition. Their dedication and remarkable contributions to the field of mathematics continuously elevate our department's stature on the global stage.


For more information, please read here: https://www.icbs.cn/en/web/index/18009_1581229__