Past Seminars- Analysis

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  • Dr. Lina Lee
    Tue Feb 7, 2012
    3:00 pm
    We define the Szego metric using the Szego kernel and Fefferman surface measure. This metric is invariant under biholomorphic mappings. We compare this metric with Caratheodory and Bergman metrics and also show that one can determine whether a strongly pseudoconvex is biholomorphic to a ball by studying the ratio of the Szego and Bergman metric....
  • Professor Loredana Lanzani
    Tue Jan 10, 2012
    3:00 pm
    The classical Cauchy integral is a fundamental object of complex analysis whose analytic properties are intimately related to the geometric properties of its supporting curve. In this talk I will begin by reviewing the most relevant features of the classical Cauchy integral. I will then move on to the (surprisingly more involved) construction of...
  • Professor Chong-Kyu Ham
    Tue Nov 29, 2011
    3:00 pm
    Given a Pfaan system on a smooth manifold, we shall discuss the notion of reduced submanifold and how to nd them. This was motivated from the problem of deciding the minimality of generic CR manifolds. As best known by the Noether's theorem conservation laws arise from the symmetry of dierential equations. We approach the conservation laws from...
  • Professor Bun Wong
    Tue Nov 22, 2011
    4:00 pm
    In this lecture, we will talk about a recent joint work ofGordon Heier and myself about curvature characterizations ofuniruledness and rational connectivity of projective manifolds. A result on projective manifolds with zero total scalar curvature will also be discusse.
  • Professor Bernard Russo
    Tue Oct 18, 2011
    3:00 pm
    I shall present known results on the following topics in the contexts of associative, Lie, and Jordan algebras: 1. Derivations and cohomology of finite dimensional algebras 2. Structure and continuity of derivations on operator and Banach algebras 3. Continuous cohomology of operator algebras, including perturbation theory and the role of complete...
  • Prof. Duanzhi Zhang
    Tue Oct 11, 2011
    3:00 pm
  • Dr. Jiri Lebl
    Tue Jun 7, 2011
    3:00 pm
    We study the singular set of a singular Levi-flat real-analytic hypersurface. We prove that the singular set of such a hypersurface is Levi-flat in the appropriate sense. We also show that if the singular set is small enough, then the Levi-foliation extends to a singular codimension one holomorphic foliation of a neighborhood of the hypersurface.